The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 14 November 1988

Making Up with Kat

‘Election Day’ – Arcadia


Today, Larry Goodgirl hinted heavily that I had won the 1988 Drama Prize.  ULP!  I’m dead excited.  I hope I have.  It’d be lovely!


The pantomime was furthered and I felt so close to all the Drama people at Tech.  It has been decided that I alone will direct the production, as well as playing Berwin Groomstool.  Will will assist me with conventions + techniques.




DAME DISHUP:                                

Will Daniels, for his experience in such roles.



Lee-Anne Jones, perfect to play a young girl/audience identification figure



Trudy Paul, because she’s tall and pretty and this will be a challenge for her.



Ritcherd J Winterfood, because I know him best.


THE WIZARD:                 

Kenneth Farnham, because he’s just like The Magician in Puddle Lane.


PUSS IN BOOTS:              

(How I wish!) Sharon Fielding, because of her dance abilities (feline).


THE BAD WOLF:            

Darren Marsh, for his size and ‘presence’.


CAPT. HOOK:                   

Jonny Badcock, to test him (like Trudy) and go against type (his clean-cut image)



Kat Hill, for her looks and her ability to create an awesome presence.



Tracey Joyce, because there’s something ‘vaguely’ ‘Oriental’ about her ‘looks’.



Jodie Ratcliffe, because she’s ‘bigger built’ than you might expect from a fairy.  Irony.


THE GENIE                       

Donna Davidson, for her jolly, rotund features.


Admittedly, the amount of characters was devised solely because we felt it imperative to give all Performing Arts students a role (except Daniel Abbott, who is here as a Technician and Jolene Morse who Larry has elected to be Stage Manager), be it big or small, especially as many of them hadn’t had the opportunity to shine during Macbeth.  I didn’t audition them, but simply took the risk of assigning the roles, using the most suitable people for the parts in question, and deliberately going against ‘type’ to test some people – particularly Jonny Badcock and Trudy Paul who will be no doubt doomed to play juvenile leads for the next two years.  The fact that the precise number of roles is certainly contrived might prove to be a hindrance (and in no way reflects the amount of people you would really have in such a touring show).  I imagine the staging will be difficult and we’ll probably have a final sequence where there are too many people on stage at once, but this is unavoidable – and integral to the plot!  We are also to be assisted by Jane Thorne, a local woman whose son played a child in Macbeth.  She will be putting together the costumes.


‘Blue Monday ‘88’ – New Order


I went back to Donna Davidson’s place for tea with Kat Hill.  The first time Kat and I have been this ‘alone’ in ages, and I must admit I felt a wonderful fondness for her.  It was good for us, and I really like Donna.  We ate a Chilli Con Carne with Spaghetti, which was gorgey.


It did start to feel weird though, as suddenly Kat and I ended up talking about ‘our summer’, telling Donna all about what went on.  This just brought home some of the feelings of the time, like when Kat came and stayed and all I could think was, ‘One day she’ll go back to Willock – so what’s the point of all this?’  I thought of my sudden lack of commitment to the whole thing, brought about by Willock’s never-ending phone calls, pleading with me to give him his girl back; it was so harrowing at the time.  Of course, when I started thinking of BMW a lot, that helped me slowly ease away from Kat, allowing us both to find a freedom that only a few weeks before we would never have agreed to wanting: me with BMW and her with Willock – our ‘true’ loves (or so it had seemed).  Willock deserved Kat far more than I, and I genuinely couldn’t bear to see him in that state.  Not that I did, but I could hear it in his voice.  He was so sad.  And I always wanted BMW so much more than anyone else.  Staying with Kat just seemed like too much hassle, if I’m honest, and I wasn’t going to invest in a pointless future.


Until today, I’ve generally been unable to talk to Kat – and I was the one who convinced her to do this course – it’s just been so hard.  She’s probably never forgiven me for asking her to dye her hair blonde and style it like Marilyn Monroe’s.



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Next time: ‘A letter from Donna…’

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