The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 3 November 1988

Macbeth Party

‘The Robots’ – Kraftwerk


The sets were removed today.


Despite my lack of experience in this field (Set), I feel that the whole operation was a useful one, in that it introduced me to greater responsibilities than I’d ever carried previously.  Working as a team, relaying detailed instructions and trying to maintain my interest in something that is definitely NOT my forte, has been an extremely hard and very challenging experience.  Even if, more often than not, time hasn’t been as well organised as it might be (due to a disorganised mind that needs training!), I know I’d have a greater knowledge of what I need to do if we had to do it all over again.


The attitude of the Set Team was very ‘laid back’, which disappointed me when I felt I could have done with more input, but I think this was a problem confined to the ‘early days’.  I think the initial team expected me to hand them everything on a silver platter, without bothering to do any thinking about what set they might like to design or build, but I guess that’s an issue of delegation.  I am not afraid to say that some of my time, and that of those I was supposed to be ‘leading’, was mismanaged.  Better planning and more open discussion would probably prevent these problems happening again in future.  The experience has been invaluable, but I would NOT like to work on Set again.


In the end, the whole Macbeth Project has gone far more smoothly than expected, given that it was the responsibility of (mostly) untested students to get things up and running to a six week deadline. 


‘Can You Party?’ – Royal House


Tonight, the Drama Groups all went to El Tropique Nite Club, Barnes Bysea, and had a great time.  I greased my hair back into a ponytail, put on my clown nose and painted my lips thick and white (you judge for yourself how much of this is true) and wore my new butterfly shirt.



It was a lovely laugh, with loads of us there – loads! – but I particularly enjoyed the company of Jonny Badcock, Shelley Greene, Simon Lewis and Donna Davidson.  We danced to all the good stuff, plus some stuff from Grease, and I even got about 30 of them dancing the ‘Bosley Boswell’ dance, devised by Flash + I in April 1987 to take the piss out of Dodo. 


I took some photos, too.



[Message from the future:


‘I am the future’


– love, your failed author in 11 years’ time, Ritch 1999 xxx]


My No.1: ‘Love Is All That Matters’ – The Human League



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Next time: ‘Justine: 4th Time Lucky?’

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