The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 9 November 1988

Life After Macbeth



‘Wishing Well’ – Terence Trent D’Arby


Today, Larry told us that all but two of us had passed the Macbeth Project + Assessments.  I passed, but I dunno what my grade is yet.


Things are still moving and growing in BTEC, and we are all beginning to discover that the work isn’t going to slow down or stop pouring in just because Macbeth is finished.


Tracey Joyce and I have been interviewing ERIC PETERS, a man who travelled across the Atlantic in a barrel.  This is for a new Play Writing and Direction assignment that should come to fruition next February.  We have chosen an option that requires us to ‘write a play based on true life events’.  BTEC tutor, Mr Larry Goodgirl has, of late, been almost constantly pestered by the record-breaking Mr Peters, who would like to see his story given a more prominent local platform.  Mr Peters is now a rather sorry down-and-outer, travelling around the country, unwashed + unkempt.  He’s looking for friends to hang onto, I guess.


My partner in crime, Tracey Joyce has joined me on this project, because like me she is not interested in being involved in the other option, which is a Fashion Show (which all the other Performing Arts students have chosen to be involved in).


Tracey and I have been interviewing Mr Peters over the last two weeks, learning various things about his infamous trip across the Atlantic in nothing but a modified barrel.  Throughout these interviews he has struck us both as decidedly strange.  Also, he likes to give us the facts, straight up and as they were, but never reveals his true self or gives us enough background on which to build the foundations of a production.  Many things seem to have been hidden and what is revealed seems almost deliberately obscure.  On top of this, his slow deliberation in recounting his story has left us both very nonplussed, and I’m slowly losing interest in the man and his seafaring tale. 


‘I Love You Too Much’ – The Human League


I’m also working on a ‘touring’ Panto with the rest of BTEC.  I am writing the script, and I will be incorporating Berwin Groomstool as the Panto Villain.  The fact that I dislike Pantomime means that this disturbs me, but as it is the first BTEC-only show, I am feeling inspired.  


On top of all this, for Dance, me ‘n’ Jonny Badcock have to research the history of London Contemporary Dance Theatre.  Plus, Kat Hill, Donna Davidson + I have to make a video about the Kathakali Dance Troupe from India, who are visiting King’s Lynn soon.


There is life after Macbeth


Justine doesn’t trust my fidelity, and I so love her.  I am crazy about her.


Oh, I do love her.



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Next time: ‘Writing the pantomime…’

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