The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 15 November 1988

Letter from Donna



23rd November:  


28th November:  

ST EDMUND’S SCHOOL, 10am –10.45am.

5th December:     


6th December:     

ROSEBERRY AVENUE, 9.15am – 11.30am.

7th December:     


12th December:   

ST JAMES’ BOYS, 2.15pm.




‘Overture: Tannhauser’ – Wagner


Donna Davidson wrote me a letter at 8.02pm last night from ‘a little hole in King’s Lynn’…


She was in her little room with Davina, Simon and Carl, sitting under the sink and everybody else on her bed.  She was honestly pretty much pissed off with everybody just ‘dossing’ round there, filling her air with ‘ghastly smoke fumes’ and generally pissing her off.  She really wanted to be alone, or just quiet.  She doesn’t mind being with somebody as long as they can accept that she just wants quiet for a while, or don’t think she’s ‘pissy’ just because she doesn’t want to talk.


She asks me how I’m feeling.  She says I went really quiet, and that my ‘moods’ ‘change so quickly that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with them’.  She’s not complaining, she’s just saying that I’m ‘so complex’.  She wonders if I really know myself even.  She feels strange about me.  Her feelings change every time she sees me, she says.  ‘Do you really want to see a shrink?  What would you say for a start?  Actually, you are quite borderline.  My God, this is such a load of phoney crap.  Don’t you just think everybody is so bloody shallow!?!’  She says she’d hate it if people thought she was shallow.  She’s sure most people in the Drama Department don’t think of anything at all, ‘except who they’re going to lay next or something shitty like that’.


She then asks how things are with Justine.  Saying I was so quiet about her, like I was having second thoughts about things.


‘Don’t take this pervy or anything, but I really wish it was you staying here tonight, at least then I’d get some decent conversation.  Davina + Carl are in fairly good moods.  Simon’s completely pissed off and I’m just me!’


Everybody then uses all her hairspray and she just feel like they’re ‘a bunch of vultures’ taking from her; she feels as if everybody uses her.  It fucks her off because she tries not to do that to other people.


She continues at 11.17pm, after Davina + Carl have gone to the Off Licence, and she + Simon have been up to the Docks.  She says it was good to get away for a couple of hours.  They just talked about everything.  She’s so fond of him.  They only talk about ‘normal stuff’, though. 


‘Anyway, I’ve read all this and it’s so depressing, isn’t it?  I feel like jumping off a cliff after reading it.’


‘About the Drama Prize,’ she continues, telling me she’s really sure that it’s down to me… 


‘I haven’t seen anyone else in all our groups who is up to your standard, and if you can get an A-level without even trying, then I’m pretty sure that your talent deserves it.  I was getting quite pissed off today when nobody would listen to you; it’s not as if you were talking a load of shit or anything!  Oh, yeh, by the way, don’t take any notice of Kenneth Farnham being shitty.’


She then farts in her bed and says it smells quite appealing in a weird sort of way.  ‘I’ve got horrendous farts tonight.’  Poor old Si is on her floor getting some really wicked smells.  She’s also got a whopping bogey in her nose!  Yuk. 


She says she was dead impressed with Berwin Groomstool – dead cool geezer!


She’s also decided that me and Flash should come and stay with her in Cirencester over Chrimbo. 




‘Well Ritch, I’m off to the land of Nod.  No offence, but I’m shagged!’


She signs off with oodles of love and four kisses.



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Next time: ‘A Distinction for Macbeth…’

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