The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 25 November 1988

Jonny and Kat



The Doctor Who novel The Caves of Androzani was good.


The title sequence for NEWSNIGHT is skill.


The TV series CHRISTABEL is good.




‘America’ – Throwing Muses


Today, I ignored Justine, feeling rather ‘ffFuck off and dunt be shhhit…’


I spent the morning with our Performing Arts mob and also passed a little time with Leighton, who expressed an interest in Death In June.


Then, Jonny, Kat, Jodie Ratcliffe + I went into King’s Lynn.  We told Jodie of the new ‘Kat + Jonny’ situation + she thought we were joking at first.  It seems Kat now wants to chuck Willock for Jonny, because she really likes him, and all Willock does these days is cadge money from her, down in wherever-he-is at uni, millions of miles away.  And, as Kat says, god knows what he ‘gets up to’.


Kat + I are really great friends now + I love her friendship.  It’s like ‘before’.


Donna Davidson has invited Flash + myself to stay with her at home in Cirencester (in Gloucestershire) for Christmas.  She’s there now; the first time she’s been home all term.  She has also invited Jonny Badcock and Kat Hill.  I think the four of us have ‘made a gang’. 



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Next time: ‘First and last and always…’

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