The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 5 November 1988

Four Years From Now: 05/11/92



‘Some Kind of Stranger’ – The Sisters Of Mercy


Today, Lilith said goodbye and left me in Yarmouth as she went back to Norwich.


I re-blocked Teechers at St George’s Theatre, and the day’s rehearsing went well.


Tonight, although we had a very small audience, the cast did a splendid performance and all the new visual ideas I’d worked in today were extremely well received.  ACE ONE!


In the audience was Gemma from the school workshop we did, with her friend Julia.  They stayed behind for drinks and both like a gorgeous pair of, well, 16 year old schoolgirls…


We then all went to The Colonel H, but Jolene refused to come at first, having got drunk in the theatre bar.  When she finally arrived, she sat with Kat and at one point accused me being arrogant.  Pissed as I was, I got into a bit of a debate with her as to why she just might have a point.  Unfortunately, Chloe Attenborough – Johnny’s girlfriend – was with us and she joined in, having a go at me.  She was so po-faced and serious about it to, and didn’t seem to like it when I suggested that my ‘arrogance’ might only appear as such to those with confidence issues of their own and a poor record of under-achievement (Jolene + Kat, say…).  Chloe told me she hates arrogant and conceited people.  Not bad, considering she’s one of the most arrogant people I’ve ever met.


After the pub, I went to the PARKSIDE for a couple of hours where Jolene and I kissed and masturbated each other whilst listening to The Sisters of Mercy.



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Next time: ‘The Three Doctors…’

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