The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 12 November 1988

Delgado Barbecue

‘Of Runes and Men’ – Death In June


Today, I was backcombed and wearing ripped Goth clothes.  Just before we went out, Spock (long time no see) rang me up + invited me to a ‘barbecue’ for this evening.  I eagerly accepted.


Justine and I ventured briefly into Wisbech, as she had to leave.  I gave her a birthday card for tomorrow + she seemed quite chuffed.


As Justine returned to Castle Acre, I gave her a fond kiss.  I waved her off and then went to Smith’s where I bought Encyclopedia of the Worlds of Doctor Who A – D

…and bumped into Wendy Mackintosh, the Goth girl from The Angel.  She was with her friend Moddex, looking well bored + pissed off because they were skint and couldn’t go drinking.  Legs then joined us and we wandered the streets, briefly saying ‘hi’ to Astra Trellis.


I asked Legs along to the barbecue + he accepted.  We also asked Wendy ‘n’ Moddex if they’d like to come over to BLACKBERRY NARROW at about 8.30pm and they accepted, too.


Legs + I went over to Spock’s place, where he made us coffee + introduced to his friends Joseph and Karen, a couple from Essex whom he met at a Convention.  They were very pleasant, and Ralph’s humour tapped into mine, as we were both very dry.  Apparently, Joseph’s dad was in the army with Roger Delgado (who played the original MASTER in DOCTOR WHO). 

By all accounts he was something of a tearaway.


Over tea, Marty arrived + then Ross, so we eventually set off.  Marty + Ross were nice blokes.  I’d never met them before, but Legs + I went in their car with them to Wootton Woods, with Spock, Joseph + Karen following.


‘To Drown A Rose’ – Death In June


In a clearing, we made a fire, put some bricks round it and a tin plate across the top, and cooked some grub.  We then feasted on beef burgers, sausages, mushroom soup, and tomatoes, etc.  Spock had been a great little organiser + I think he’s great.  Lovely bloke.  We are now very good friends.  He even brought me a lovely piece of Stilton, and Ross gave me some pickled eggs.  But it was nice to see that Spock had also packed plastic knives + forks for everyone – and a mince pie each.  Great laugh.


To cap it all, as the night was beautifully starry, we had a little fireworks display.  All in all, the six of us had a good time, I think, perhaps even a great time.  Legs got pissed out of his brains on vodka, but I was just completely off drink + even declined Joseph’s dope.


Legs + I got back to Blackberry Narrow just as Wendy + Moddex were arriving.  We all sat and watched DOCTOR WHO videos while eating MARMITE BUTTIES.


Eventually, Wendy + Moddex walked home and Legs stayed.  He’s having hassle with his gurlie, Linda.  He says she’s ‘a slag’, y’know.  I advised him to get rid of her.  She’s no good for him.   He needs to find someone else.



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Next time: ‘Justine’s birthday…’

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