The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 28 November 1988

Chinese Play Developments


Panto at St Edmund’s County Primary.

Two performances.

First performance – 10.00am.

Second performance – 10.45am.


‘Julie Ocean’ – The Undertones


The 1st Panto performance was crap today.  Unfortunately – to my shame – I was late for the ‘get-in’ at St Edmund’s and almost missed the start of the first show, but it all sorted out and I got in just in time and made lots of kids cry.  Jodie Ratcliffe was also late, so I wasn’t on my own!


The 2nd was good.  ST EDMUND’S seemed to enjoy it, and the kids were lovely.


Today’s only technical hitch was when two of our Entrance/Exit flats collapsed.  Luckily, the cast covered for this and re-erected them during the performance, working it into a scene as they went.


Justine was nice today.  We went into King’s Lynn, where I bought some hairspray.  We are in love again.


In the afternoon, I wrote some more of my script, and made good progress.  The bad attempt I made at an outline (and the ‘spy’ idea) has fallen into a dark corner of my mind, marked ‘DUBIOUS IDEAS’.  And so, the play is now called The Chinese Play.  It’s a safe title.


Feeling totally uninvolved now, Tracey has left ‘the writing team’, with no hard feelings.  I have therefore promised her the fullest involvement in the play should it ever reach production.  She was happy with the offer and genuinely wished me the best of luck.  Larry has offered her another project, so it’s all gone well.


Alone with my ideas, I have decided I can make the play even more personal and have slowed down a little on the pre-planning, so as not to let my interest wane too soon like it has with previous projects.  I’d like the play to alienate a little, though.  I’d like it to captivate and entertain in a rather offbeat way.  So I’m just writing stuff and seeing what emerges.  Just like that.  I’m hoping the story will eventually arrive of its own volition.  And having written four scenes, I find I want to exaggerate my characters and make them more than simply ‘realistic’; I want them to be cartoon-like, which I think will be far more entertaining.  Bits of the spy idea keep creeping in, but it’s more to do with Flash imagining the spy stuff, rather than it actually being real.  Maybe they’re just testing new curry recipes, I don’t know yet.




Chinese Take Away.  Night. 

Calendar on wall says NOV 5.  All is empty.

A voice – Dave’s – is heard (he is off-stage).



Yeah … Yeah, but, Mr Tribukovitch, there’s no interest in that sort of … Mr Tribuk…  I can’t do that!  Secret?  It wouldn’t be a secret for long.  This is not the sort of thing you can hide in a town like this.  Well…  The most likely candidates are…  Who?  Oh, well that’s the type of… Aim for them?  Yes, Mr Tribukovitch.  Strike while the iron’s hot.  Yes, Mr Tribukovitch.  I understand, sir.  Aye.  Yes.  Deny it?  But sir, a week or two to perfect the… Hmm.  A week.  Ish.  Then we can test the first, heh, victims… 


Also, I arranged with Donna that Flash, Kat, Jonny and I will spend New Year’s Eve at her place in Cirencester.


Donna was odd, though.  I spent the evening, quite uncomfortably, with Jonny and Kat at Donna’s.  Donna had a problem + was getting all depressed + so did I when she wouldn’t tell me what was wrong.  She says she has a secret that is troubling her, but won’t tell me what it is.  She says that if she tells me, it might ruin our friendship.  Apparently, it concerns me and she thinks it will make me hate her.  So we both got all edgy + deep + brooding, but things eventually cooled down.


Kat finished with Willock at the weekend and he says he’s going to


kill himself.  Again.




About the tenth time now, isn’t it?




Kat now goes out with Jonny Badcock.


Time for a new pair of shoes…



I hate the rain.




Goodnight, I’m shattered.


P.S. Flash!  Cirencester with Jonny, Kat + Donna at XMAS.  Please?



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Next time: ‘Macbeth: back in rehearsal…’

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