The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 2 November 1988

Banquo & the Baptists' Curse

‘I Want You Back’ –The Jackson Five



Beautiful Wednesday.  Today was full of bliss and nature and heaven and lots of angels ‘n’ little foxes all running round naked in a big pot of love.  First thing, before Macbeth rehearsal, Justine came up to me in the Common Room and said, ‘In my stupidity, I forgot to say something last nite.’

‘What?’ I asked.

‘Yes,’ she said.  ‘I will go back out with you.’  I wriggled in my seat a lot and then we kissed and I jumped for joy, and it feels cutesome. 

We have gone public and got together as much as we possibly could throughout the day.


4th TIME LUCKY… we hope!


‘Don’t Be My Enemy’ – Wang Chung


Today’s matinee went really well, but as the Baptists who were against us had warned, ‘It will happen to you on the last nite…’


And it did.


Tonight’s show was videoed and attended mostly by parents – including Betty + Freddie.  The hassle came when I, as the King, threw Banquo, my good friend Josh Wilde, across the floor.  Unfortunately, on this occasion, as he slid across the stage (that had been left free of its rubber covering on the insistence of the Caretakers and College Stage Manager), a two inch by one inch splinter of rough stage board entered his arm at great speed, pushing right up into the flesh of his inner elbow.  The play went on, and Josh continued for the remaining scenes until his ghost could be played by Ron Johnson, but things had to be reshuffled ‘live’ and poor old Josh had to go to hospital to have the bit of wood removed.  He was so faint and in a lot of pain, and this upset me a great deal.  I cried for ages, because I felt responsible for the floor and for throwing him.  It was a horrible accident, but I’d have hated to have to go through what poor old Josh went through.  I was devastated for the poor bloke, but had to make up and go on and do my ‘reanimated cadaver’ bit.  A fantastic show, though.  Thanks to all involved.  The team spirit was tremendous – absolutely fabulous.


It was a distressing but brilliant show, and thankfully my good friend Josh is fine.


‘Spirit of the Thing’ – The Technos


The cast have signed my copy of the deliciously red programme, as follows:


Kelly Watson:                    

‘To an innocent Duncan, oodles of legwarmers, Kelly x’

Lizzie Fox:                          

‘To Ritcherd, You Horny Beast, well done, lots of love, Lizzie xx’

Jolene Morse:                    

‘To my taxi partner, all ma love, x Jo xxx’

Alban Thorne:                   

‘To Ritcherd, Alban’

Carl Morris:                       

‘Well done, Carl Morris’

Kat Hill:                              

‘To Ritcherd, from Kat, well done, me boy, love Johnny Pardwee xxx’

Gilly Jones:                        

‘To Ritcherd, good luck, Gilly xx’

Will Daniels:                      

‘Well done, William Daniels’

Tracey Joyce:                    

‘Dear Ritcherd, with your heart of gold – MR STAR of Macbeth, Tracey xxx’

Charlotte Kneale:

‘It’s me, it’s me, Oh Cathy! Hello, Ritcherd, I will forgive you for being a Doctor Who fan because you make a wonderful Duncan.  Lots of love, Charlotte Kneale x’

Simon Lewis:                      

‘Well done Ritcherd, with kisses and lovebites, Si x’

Una Baker:                         

‘Ritcherd, I enjoyed the fondling!  Congrats!  Lots of love, Una Baker xxxxx’

Sharon Fielding:                               

‘To Ritcherd, all the best, Sharon “Party Breath” x’

Jonny Badcock:                 

‘To Ritcherd, Best wishes, Jonny Badcock x’

Lee-Anne Jones:                                

‘To Ritcherd, love + kisses from the 2 line wonder, Lee x’

Laura Goldwyn:                                

‘Love ‘n’ hugs, Laura xx’

Becky Poole:                      

‘Thanks for the crisps, now I’m going to sleep, Becky the Poo’

Donna Davidson:               

‘Wot a good snogger you are!  I want to do a wannie burp!  Oodles of love, Donna xxx’

Bianca White:                    

‘To my darling friend, lots of love and hugs, Bianca xxxx’

Kenneth Farnham:                           

‘Have a good reign, Kenneth (Rocky Horror)’

Shelley Greene:                 

‘Well done – loved the set!  Lots of luck, love Shelley x (J ACIIID)’

Davina Ellis:                      

‘I helped to devise most of this programme (actually I didn’t), never mind, take care!  Davina Ellis’

Emma Goddard:               

‘RITCHERD (Flirt), Remember me in years to come, luv Emma Goddard (Flirt)’

Jodie Ratcliffe:                  

‘Ritcherd babes!  Lechery is fun.  Lossa love always, Jodie xxxx’

Marco Di-Fonzo:                               

‘RITCHERD, You’re so bloody sexy, Marco (Mr Big)’

Francesca Armley:                           

‘Ritcherd – you big flirt (but I don’t mind), Francesca x’

Glenda Grey:                     

‘Ritcherd, love Glen x’

Gemma Winchester:        

‘Dear Ritcherd, well done.  Have fun + sorry for any bruises I caused!  Love Gem’

Dorrie Robbins:

‘Well Done + Best wishes to the sexiest king I know!! Dorrie xxx’

Pete Brownfield:                               

‘Get your priorities right, P Brownfield’

Caroline Clifford:                            

‘Hi Ritcherd from Caroline Clifford, THE DINNER LADY!!!’

Rhoda Baker:                     

‘To Ritcherd, you were skill, love from Rhoda x’

Darren Marsh:                   

‘To Ritcherd, from The Lost Boy’

Harriet Burleigh:                              

‘To Ritcherd (the third), you’re a fart face, love Harri xx’


And Julian Ward added a note next to the advert for The PIZZA Gallery (on Chapel Street), which uses the Mona Lisa as part of its campaign.  Julian wrote:

‘This is the one the Jagaroth didn’t get!  Love, J. Ward’





Ritcherd Winterfood


Jonny Badcock


Tom Gray


Ben Fletcher


Josh Wilde


Kenneth Farnham


Matt Jones


John Gray


Darren Marsh


Nigel Cameron


Ron Johnson


Julian Ward


Peter Brownfield

Young Seyward             

Carl Morris


Jim Brown


Darren Marsh

English doctor            

Lizzie Fox

Scottish doctor           

Samantha James


Jodie Ratcliffe

Old man                   

Simon Lewis

Lady Macbeth              

Donna Davidson

Lady Macduff              

Dorrie Brown


Trudy Paul


Laura Goldwyn


Rhoda Baker

Bianca White

Natalie Palmer

Ladies of court           

Annette Power

Becky Poole

Lady Macduff gentlewoman  

Emma Goddard


Shelley Greene

1st murderer               

Dorothy Robbins

2nd murderer               

Francesca Armley

3rd murderer               

Kelly Watson


Jim Brown

Lady of Duncan            

Una Baker

Macduff’s children        

Jolene Morse

Alban Thorne

Dancing apparitions       

Laura Goldwyn

Tracey Joyce

Jolene Morse

Trudy Paul

Lee-Anne Jones

Davina Ellis

Sharon Fielding

Becky Poole

Emma Goddard

Dorothy Robbins


DIRECTED BY               

Larry Goodgirl




William Daniels

Charlotte Kneale

Dorothy Robbins

Harriet Burleigh

Jo Wedonska



Ritcherd J Winterfood

Lee-Anne Jones

Shelley Greene

Carl Morris

Kelly Watson



Peter Brownfield

Daniel Abbott



Katrisha Hill

Sharon Fielding

Trudy Paul

Simon Lewis

Tim Jordan

Lynne Powell

Sophie Gillan

Sandra Michaels

Kay Sax

Anna Cotton

Mandy Eggers

Diana Jagger



Jodie Ratcliffe

Jolene Morse

Davina Ellis

Tracey Joyce

Kenneth Farnham



Peter Brownfield

May Wellman



Darren Marsh



Scarlett Kane



Throughout the Macbeth Project, every member of ‘the company’ has been a treasure + a pleasure to work with.  This seems to have been a proving ground for all of us, and I’m sure we are now that we are all a little more experienced, the best is yet to come…

[Forever hopeful!  Lovely – Larry Goodgirl, late 1988]


Doctor Who’s new adventure, The Happiness Patrol was okay. 

Probably not as good as Remembrance, though.



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Next time: ‘Macbeth party…’

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