The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 23 November 1988

25 Glorious Years



Kathakali Dance Seminar report back – 9.00am

Lynn News fashion show meeting – main Hall – 2.00pm

Panto at Whitefriars County Primary. 

Two performances – 1st performance 10.00am. 

Second performance 10.45am.

‘I’m Not Scared’ – Pet Shop Boys


Today, was…




We performed THE DAY PANTOMIME ENDED at Whitefriar’s School, and it was dead successful.  Jolene Morse now plays Prince Charming and does it very well.  Across the board, the children’s reactions to the show were brilliant, and Will’s Dame Dishup really steals the show.  He is so admirable, in that he gets so engrossed in the role and builds a fantastic rapport with the kids.


There were two performances, one for the young kids and one for those slightly older.  More often than not, the younger children cry when Berwin Groomstool comes along, with his huge mouth + flaring nostrils; his make up done cheaply with eyeliner.


‘Let’s Stay Together’ – Tina Turner


Justine was unhappy with me and gave me a letter which she had written to me last night:


‘My room





Tomorrow (today) we will have been going out with each other for three weeks, but what I want to know is: how much longer can we last?


Three weeks ago, I finally realised just how much I love(d) and need(ed) you, so we got back together and I was really happy (understatement – ecstatic)!  But…  Now I just feel confused.  One minute, we’re getting on really well and the next minute you are all distant, you ‘fickle shit’.


I know that I am to blame for a lot of this mess, and the insecurity that I feel is causing our downfall.  Why do I feel insecure?  Because I don’t know why we are not working.  People like Mad Ruth + Suz Cole, etc, keep putting doubts in my mind too.  I try to ignore them but I can’t.  I really want us to ‘grow together’, but I don’t know if we can.


Ritcherd, I dote on you (although it sometimes may not seem that way) and as a result I’ve become emotionally vulnerable to you and over sensitive.  E.g. this afternoon (yesterday) when you were talking to Kat + Jonny, I was asked if we were still going out with each other by about 4 people.  I felt really pissed off and intended to tell you to fuck off.  That always happens: I get annoyed over something, say or do something bitchy and then regret it about two minutes later.  Quite a role-reversal from last year, don’t you think?


I understand that your Drama takes up a lot of your time, and of course I don’t expect you to drop everything for me.  I just feel that since last week, you have made absolutely no effort and have had a bad attitude towards me/us.  Holly gave me a lecture about not getting off with people, etc, and I said no way, I’m really going to go for it with Ritcherd this time, but I wonder if I should bother.


I do love you and am sorry for all of this.  I have probably now made things worse.  Tell me what you think and hopefully we can sort this out.


The song that’s going through my head at the moment is ‘Let’s Stay Together’ – Tina Turner.  If my hair was like Zelda’s (Terrahawks) and I had a red leather mini-skirt and 5-inch stilettos, I might sing it to you…




We need to talk.


‘They Say It’s Gonna Rain’ – Kerry Delius


Jonny + Kat talked at length.  Donna Davidson and I joined in on the conversation, and eventually it was decided that we’d all stay the night at Donna’s.


Tonight, I got all weird and distant.  I think I was feeling some kind of empathy for Kat and her depression, mixed, as it is, with plight.  Jonny + Kat chatted, alone, for ages; and I chatted with Donna.  Finally, we all chatted together.  Pretty soon, Jonny + Kat were kissing.


Later, I cried when Donna told me some dark stories from her early life.  I felt so sorry for her.


As Donna + I ate + drank + chatted, Jonny + Kat chatted further.  Finally, we decided to go to bed.  I got in bed with Donna, and Jonny + Kat had the floor.  We turned the lights out and I fell asleep listening to the skill ‘Egypt’ by Kate Bush.


‘Egypt’ – Kate Bush


Jonny + Kat made love on the floor.



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Next time: ‘Justine dumps Ritch…’

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