The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 2 October 1988

Unsent Letter to Flash



‘Love Action’ – The Human League



FEATURED: window cleaning, Spock, The Rescue, and a ride out in the country.  Spock came to see me and gave me his prized ROGER DELGADO as THE MASTER poster – blown up from an original BBC publicity postcard – which I’m immensely grateful for. 

We watched William Hartnell in Doctor Who: The Rescue on the video and then went for a pleasant countryside ride in his car.


Quite a nice weekend as weekends go, folks.  Capped a groovy week.


WHAT OF SHELL, eh, readers?



Oh, I rang Flash but it didn’t last very long.  Flash was nice on the phone.


I really NEED the Human League’s LP Crash. 

It’s skill!




Unsent Letter To Flash:


(John Paul Jones, all gritted teeth and curly hair, saying: “‘S’ALL A BIT TEDIOUS REALLY…”)


Dear Flash,


Thank you for that lovely autographed copy of the EDGE OF DESTRUCTION.  It was splendid, although I’ve not yet read it.  Still got Fury From The Deep, The Ambassadors Of Death, The Crusaders, and The Space Museum to go yet.  But E of D will surely be the most interesting, so I’ll save it till last (I want all the HANTRELL books, you see…).



I managed to decipher what were presumably: Richard Franklin, David Banks, Nicholas Courtney, Barry Letts, Terry Walsh (?), and John Levene (?).


BUT WHO ARE the ones that look like: a) David Skill (is it Andrew Skilleter?  Who?) and b) Tommy Ray (Uh?).


[Roy Skelton and Terrance Dicks – Future Ritcherd]




In recent years, DOTT-TEROO has had quite a few ‘GUEST STAR’ type people in it.  I received one of these guest star autographs last week (from BTEC colleague Will Daniels).  Yes, it’s Ken Dodd.


I can’t wait for Wednesday – it’s becoming an obsession.  Probably my main love in life at the moment.


Actually, what is life about right now?  Well, since I saw you…


Doctor Who, BTEC, The Great King’s Lynn Berwin Groomstool Mystery, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Nat Wnek, The Angel, Dark Is Desire, Spock, Crazyhead, Marilyn Monroe, The Wonder Stuff, Japan, Baby Ford, Macbeth, Acid House, How To Marry A Millionaire (don’t buy it, I’ve got it), only 3 people passing the TS A-level, Heavy Metal, Los Angeles, U2, motorbikes, weight-training, Justine Black, The Sisters (Baker variety), Anderson the Rabbit, Act Of Betrayal, Crisis magazine (Buy it!  Buy it!), Beauty And The Beast, Sharon Fielding, and Naomi Bell.


DOTT-TEROO  What is the Doctor’s ‘unfinished business’?  Pamela Salem’s hayre looks nice in Remembrance.  What are the new ‘gunner Daleks’?  What is John Nathan-Turner’s TWIST going to be at the end of the season?  A punk werewolf in The Greatest Show In The Galaxy?  I assume that’s the character Jessica Martin’s going to be playing? 


‘Two factions of Daleks await the Doctor in a school playground…’


time to go home, time to go home


all my love,


Sean Coctoo x




Wayne Hussey says:  ‘Thee weer a band.  Thee enjoyed playing with each other.’




Ritcherd x




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Next time: ‘Mad Max meets Jungle Book…’

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