The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 6 October 1988

Tribulation City



‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome’ – Frankie Goes To Hollywood






   by Stan’s ‘Berwin’…


So now the trees of Blackberry Narrow’s garden are gone.  The wall has been pulled down also.  It will be sad to leave this Purple Haven.  This was THE BEAUTIFUL PLACE.



‘Badlands (Version)’                                           

New tune to be developed

‘Beyond The Dream Of Jasmine’                       


‘Kiss Of Pand’ra’                                 


‘Shallow Tide’                                      


‘The Age Of Elegance’                         

Tune to be added

‘Rose Ring’                                           


‘Night Without Sleep’                         

Some final work to be done

‘Dark Is Desire’                                   

Some final work to be done

‘Ascension Day’                                   

Lyrics to be written

‘Tribulation City’

COMPLETED (and very quickly, too!)


I said go to the city

If the city won’t come

Looking for adventure

You only find scum

All the kids in squalor

In a private doom

Can’t live – no money

Can’t breathe for fumes


It’s where the vapour red sky

Meets the smoke dull view

And the powers-that-be

Are feeding you

With a mile-high list

Of what they want you to do

No time to do it

And it’s pressing on you


This is Tribulation

The process of destruction

Before your Armageddon


I sat in with the hipsters

Tripping acid was fun

When the stench we inhaled

Went back where he’d come

Just another in squalor

In a sexual doom

Signing on with the groovers

And losing life too soon


It’s where the hollow sky

Meets the shallow tide

And the faces look twice

Just to spit on you

While they wallow in filth

Like the chosen few

But their future’s shattered

And it’s cutting you


This is Tribulation

A process of destruction

Before your Armageddon


And their faces smile

Because they’re having fun

And the girls are climbing

There’s a song to be sung

But they’re secretly dying

To a familiar tune

Rose ring, baby,

My heart stinks for you!




‘Cambodia’ – Kim Wilde













her how

to do

rear entry



her pussy

+ belonging

to her were all a joyI can’t deny OR lie…


I’m freaking out with love for her, but I haven’t said anything to her.


My No.1: ‘Doctor Who Theme (1986)’ – Dominic Glynn



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Next time: ‘Simon Lewis…’

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