The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 18 October 1988

The Scaffolding Goes Up

‘Overture: Riezni’ – Wagner


Today was Flingaboomwallagetdownungroovemaloveyuhdumbshit!


The Bircham Newton people arrived and the scaffolding started to go up in The Walks and I was chuffed.  It looks extremely striking.


Only a few measurements needed adjustment, giving or taking a few feet to cater for the steep incline of the Red Mount, and the length of BN’s covering boards.  At last, I could see my goal in sight, and I was thinking, ‘One down; one to go.’  But then Lighting, Stage Management, and Set were informed that the Council and Eastern Electricity wished to discuss out final ‘outdoor’ plans.


A scary and uneasy meeting was hastily called, but eventually all seemed quite fair on all sides and the atmosphere cleared.  All seemed happy.


Pushing my luck, I asked Bircham Newton about the possibility of them erecting the indoor scaffolding tower (the ‘zip-scaffolding’ just doesn’t look ‘industrial’ enough).  They still seemed doubtful, but said they would get back to me tomorrow.


Jonny Badcock + Jodie Ratcliffe put publicity displays up in the banks (BARCLAYS, etc) – featuring my face! 


Kenneth Farnham (from our BTEC group) continued his search for sponsors.


I’m quite attached to my new hairstyle now.



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Next time: ‘More Clarissa…’

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