The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 20 October 1988

The Next Monroe

LATE AT NATE.              


hey, man … can never leave these badlands … groovy babies …


What’s goin’ down, baby?

What’s goin’ down, baby?

You gotta take it slow

Make it slow


Don’t have to tell me, baby!

Don’t have to tell me, baby!

I’m the next Monroe

You can be Bardot



Julian missed EPISODE THREE OF REMEMBRANCE, so I gotta lend him the video. 


Good though, cos he’s lending me: The Pilot Episode, An Unearthly Child/100,000BC, The Edge Of Destruction/Inside The Spaceship and Logopolis soon.  To be followed by: The Daleks and The Keys Of Marinus – and who-knows-what after that?


‘The Party’ – Kraze


Today, I worked on the set.  A totally new set design in a few mere days seems unreasonable to Carl, Shelley and myself.  I really thought Bircham Newton might be able to build something.  I wanted a ramp and a walkway on the stage, to tie the two ‘sets/stages’ together.  Now that is out of the window, it seems to me that we should just use the resources available to us – whatever material + junk we can lay our hands on – and use all our creative resources to go with the ‘back-up’ tower/megalith/dungeon design I came up with.  The others agreed, so to help us with this, we have collected various amounts of junk from assorted College Deaprtments (old tubing, gauze, metal boxes, etc).  We then erected the scaffolding tower in the College Theatre.


Bircham’s outdoor stage is now fully erected.


The projected Set budget-spend still stands at £30.


My No.1: ‘Orinoco Flow’Enya


I saw Clarissa Naylor for about 3 minutes in the afternoon.  Which was all a bit unusual. 




Well, she’s been telling Leighton that she likes me, and Leighton has been getting it back to me – which he wasn’t supposed to, apparently.  Now, I saw her walk by the Library Block, and then stop by one of the buses + gesture to someone on the back seat to get off and talk to her.  And it looked urgent.  I was standing, saying a few brief words with Danny + Astra, and was just walking up to Clarissa when Leighton got off the bus.  A silly, ‘childish’, ‘pretend’ slagging-off match ensued between Leighton + I (which in retrospect feels stupid).  Then Leighton + Clarissa started joking about a mock ‘love letter’ he had sent her.  He then asked her why she had called him off the bus.  There was then a massively short silence in which Clarissa tried to signal to Leighton something about me.  He didn’t respond, so she said, ‘Oh nothing, I’ve forgotten.’  And from the corner of my eye, I could see she was trying to get something across to him – but what?  Did she mean she couldn’t talk about it cos it was about me?  Or was she simply inhibited cos I was there?  Not wanting to prolong her agony, I told them I had to go.  I left them talking, and hopefully it was favourable talk about me.


I hope she was telling him to tell me she likes me a lot.  But she was probably telling him that she hates me.




I like Clarissa lots.



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Next time: ‘The indoor set…’

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