The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 29 October 1988

The Lethargy Brothers

‘Fashion’ – David Bowie


Today, I saw my greatest friend, Danyel ‘Flash’ Gordon, once again.


It was rather amusing that he walked almost straight past me in the street because he didn’t recognise me.  I had my ‘acieed’ headscarf on (white and covered in yellow smileys), a light purple shirt, tight black jeans and Cuban-heeled boots.  Rather amusing.


‘I saw you walking towards me and I thought, “Who’s this silly bastard, smiling at me?”’

‘And you didn’t recognise me?’

‘No.  Well, not until I thought, “OOH, IT’S RITCHERD!”’


We slipped immediately into the roles we’ve begun to adopt in recent times; two characters you could only really describe as ‘the Lethargy Brothers’, which means conversations like this:


‘You don’t wear this shirt, do you?’


‘You don’t, do you?’

‘I do.’

‘You don’t.’

‘I do.’

‘You don’t.’

‘I do.’

‘You don’t, do you?  Do you?  Do you wear it?’



‘Teenage Wildlife’ – David Bowie


We spent today talking about recent life and our respective colleges.  I talked to him for ages about Justine.  We watched bits of Doctor Who and a little of The Misfits, starring the immortal Monroe. 

I then purchased a video tape – along with fish, chips + curry from Lola’s – and Flash agreed to tape me three Doctor Who stories: The Three Doctors, Black Orchid and Destiny Of The Daleks.


As Flash went out for lunch, I went down the road to my wonderful Daddy’s home.  It was skill!  He had bought me an early Chrissie pressie: a gorgeous baggy black shirt, adorned with green butterflies and two ‘acid’ badges.  He’s also done me a skill tape.


It was great, and I just love him and Annie.  The conversation was nice and I can’t wait to see them again.



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Next time: ‘Lola Incidents…’

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