The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 7 October 1988

Simon Lewis

‘Suffragette City’ – David Bowie


I spent the morning having make-up tests done for DUNCAN with Simon Lewis.  I have campaigned for him to be younger than the stereotypical old man that Costume and Make-Up had perceived him as.  I’m not old, so I don’t want to play old, and besides, could he have lived that long?  He is a leader of men, too, so there has to be something vigorous about him.


This afternoon, at the request of Publicity, I joined large numbers of Drama Students in helping publicise the play in King’s Lynn Town Centre.  Unfortunately, there was a sharp encounter with the Police, following a misjudged publicity stunt by Carl Morris, which involved juggling a flaming torch whilst breakdancing.


We rang Bircham Newton in the hope of arranging the indoor scaffolding set.  The men I need to speak to weren’t available, so nothing has been agreed upon.




‘Starman’ – David Bowie


Well, TODAY, Julian Ward (from TS1) revealed himself to be an avid Doctor Who fan; ex of the DWAS + v. much an authority on the whole thing.  And we are becoming rather good friends, discussing the show and talking a great deal.


Simon Lewis, one of the Make-Up artists working on Macbeth as part of their Electives, has offered to bring me in some Doctor Who novels he no longer wants, which is nice.



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Next time: ‘Wendy Mackintosh…’

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