The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 1 October 1988

Rock 'n' Roll Pissed

‘Thru With Love’ – Marilyn Monroe



THE MORNING IN FEATURED: The phone call from Spock!  I chatted over the phone with Spock, and then walked the three miles into Wisbech



Ash, Shell, BACCHALLY’S, Natalia Wnek + The Two Doctors. 

Yes, I bought ish 2 of CRISIS, the comic-magazine I’m well into these days. 

It’s by the people that do 2000AD and I love it for the brilliant Mills/Ezquerra strip Third World War.

I read this in BACCHALLY’S and it was excellent.  I then went into WOOLIES with Nat, as she had just left off work.  Leaving her, I wandered around with Ash + Shell, before returning home to watch my video of Doctor Who: The Two Doctors again.


‘Wild Side’ – Mötley Crüe


THE EVENING FEATURED: Ash, Shell, Wis. St. Mary Village Hall, popularity, dressing gowns, strange ‘romance’, dancing, flattery and booze.  I dressed up, looking the best and most Gothic I’ve done for ages (I’ve been playing it down and looking a lot more ‘rock’ if anything).  I wore: Cuban-heeled suede boots (minus the metal toe caps) with a bootstrap (minus studs), tight black jeans with one ripped knee, black frilled shirt, leather jacket and gold-coloured dressing gown/housecoat over the top.  My HAYRE was GORGEY!


‘Twentieth Century Fox’ – The Doors


The party, in Wis. St. Mary Village Hall was ace.  Me ‘n’ Ash got ROCK ‘N’ ROLL PISSED and were surprisingly very popular.  I did some HARD slammin’ and brayed everyone else for a change, instead of the other way around.  The amount of people who spoke to me, liked me + even licked up to me was AMAZING!


Ash finished with Shell and chatted up Angela (a gorgey gothic Angel regular), while Shell got, understandably, upset.  I sat and consoled her.  I chatted to her, trying to talk it through.  However, our hands touched a lot in a more than just friendly way.  I do like her a lot.  I fancied her the moment I met her, of course, because that’s what I seem to do, but being Ash’s girlfriend put her strictly off-limits.  Ash doesn’t mind, though.  He even told me I should get off with her, because he reckons she fancies me, and he wants to move on, so me getting off with her would actually make things easier for him.  He really wants rid, but she’s so nice.



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Next time: ‘Unsent letter to Flash…’

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