The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 19 October 1988

More Clarissa

‘Everyday Is Like Sunday’ – Morrissey


I chatted with Penny today and she was nice, but I’ve had a million conversations with girls that have gone in all those same directions before.


I talked to Imogen + Clarissa today.  Clarissa was doing Archaeology and wasn’t wearing the BLACK, etc, but instead wore an almost electric blue jumper + trendy denim dungarees.  She looked SKILLAFOOMACKER.  I do fancy her.  I told her that I was in no way lusting over Penny, and she understood.  But how could I tell her I’d like to get to know HER better?  Does she even like me?  Why did she take a photo of me – quite specifically me – a few weeks ago?


‘Wee Rule’ – Wee Papa Girl Rappers


This afternoon, we rehearsed Macbeth: Act I, with me as Duncan.


Towards the end of the day, Bircham Newton unfortunately turned down our request for an indoor scaffolding tower – and maybe a few walkways – ruining my plans to capitalise on their availability.  But the choice is, of course, theirs – and the notice was short.  Carl + Shelley + I began to think hastily about the alternative indoor set, as no scaffolding is available, save for the tower we requisitioned on Monday.


I should have had painted banners from Dorrie Robbins on Monday, too.  What I vain hope that turned out to be.  I am now having to nag her for them.


The Music Team and I helped Vlad further with the soundtrack.


‘Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic’ – The Police


At afternoon break, I vaguely chatted with Clarissa.  We met again later, at 4.15pm, as I walked her back to her lodgings.  There was NOBODY IN and she didn’t have a key, so we went and sat in the Refectory.  We talked about allsorts and it didn’t feel at all UNCOMFORTABLE like it can do when you’re ‘with a girl’.  When we finally got back into her digs, she showed me a dress she had knitted from bin-liners and it was really impressive.  She impressed me over all, actually.  And she’s so open + friendly.



The Dalek Emperor’s voice seems to indicate DAVROS, as does the actor’s name, which is an anagram of Davros actor Terry Molloy.  The Emperor looked a bit silly, though.  Still, we’ve yet to see him in a bit more action.  The little girl as The Controller was a shock.  And the Black Dalek was lovely.



If DAVROS is the Emperor (we’re still unsure), how did he rise to that rank?  Perhaps roles have been reversed.  Perhaps he incited rebellion upon his return to Skaro?  Took over with the white Daleks he created in REVELATION OF THE DALEKS and then the Imperial Daleks were forced to become renegades?  We’ll see…



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Next time: ‘The Next Monroe…’

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