The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 3 October 1988

Mad Max Meets Jungle Book

‘Ants Invasion’ – Adam And The Ants


The BTEC folks are growing closer + becoming jolly good friends.


Shelley unveiled her model of my preliminary set design.  In discussion with Larry Goodgirl, we agreed that the realisation of the ‘jagged’ monoliths might prove impractical given time and budget. 


Carl Morris has agreed to join the Set Team, which has breathed some new energy into the process and inspired my confidence.  We spent the morning working on alternative ideas, one of which included a ‘cloth sculpture’ version, to be built from parachute material (cheaper + still effective), to make the entire stage look ethereal and dreamlike – but I wasn’t sure that this was any good for representing war, violence and the occult. 


‘Cool Zero’ – Pat Benatar


Finally, I decided to capitalise on the availability of scaffolding from Bircham Newton and came up with a two-tier scaffolding design with ramps and walkways, looking like some sort of post-apocalyptic shantytown, reminiscent of the sort of thing you might see in the film MAD MAX or some such.  I guess the idea is to show the timelessness of the story, by placing it in an environment that might as well be a post-nuclear future just as much as the past, but giving it a timelessness sense of tribalism.  The aim is to show that war and battle happen here and it is not a good place to be; the perfect staging ground for acts of violence and dark witchcraft.

I also came up with a design to fall back on, should it prove impractical.  This second design features a megalith of the type found in Stonehenge (two standing stones with one across the top – with Duncan’s throne beneath it and, very often, the witches sitting on the top like the three vultures in Disney’s The Jungle Book), a scaffolding tower and a dungeon below the stage.  Hopefully the scaffolding tower will be realised with the help of Bircham Newton no matter what.  It will have two usable levels and represent not only the castle, but also forest.

I discussed all this with the College Theatre Stage Manager, who consented to the designs, but asked that neither of them be constructed on the stage’s expensive rubber flooring, which will be removed for the duration of the build and performance.  This has kept us all happy, but I now think we’ve entered a new period of fraught negotiations and endless arguments.






‘Don’t You Want Me?’ – Human League




I have begun to ‘fancy’ her again.  I want to be with her.  I am mental over her.  I dream of love + sex with her.






Rear entry with Justine after Stan’s party – her 1st time in that position.  Phew.  Gorgeous!



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Next time: ‘Fancying…’

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