The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 17 October 1988

Jonny Badcock

‘Hey! Jayne Mansfield’ – Sigue Sigue Sputnik


Today was boomafookbiffbangbanganing!


On arriving in College, Larry reported to me that Bircham Newton would be erecting the outdoor stage that morning and why wasn’t I prepared!  I was dismayed, as I’d arranged with them to be there tomorrow.  I ran around the like a blue-arsed fly until Bircham Newton scaffolders told us they’d be in to help us out tomorrow.  It turned out that my dates were correct and Chris had got his wires somewhat crossed – not only throwing me, but Lighting + Stage Management.  [I’ve a lot of pressure! – Larry Goodgirl, late 1988]


I also spoke with Bircham Newton about the indoor scaffolding set, but they sounded doubtful as to whether or not they could cope with this request at such short notice.  Ultimately, Carl and I negotiated a ‘zip-scaffolding’ tower from the College BRICKWORK DEPARTMENT, who lent us a trolley with which to transport it to the Foyer, from where we had to carry it by hand to a covered section of the College Theatre floor at the behest of the Caretakers.


Larry Goodgirl took my WITCHCRAFT research and copy (which he found informative) to use in the programme.  Needless to say, this has inspired me with a little more confidence in my abilities.


‘Right By Your Side’ – Eurythmics


This afternoon we went out to the SKODA plant and helped some of our group – along with BACKYARD DANCE THEATRE – take some dance to the workers on the factory floor (!).  Frankly, it was a bit of a flop, but it was down to Jonny Badcock + myself to collect comments from the WUHKUS!  And we had an absolutely hilarious piss-taking time in doing so.  We were in stitches and I think we just really make each other laugh.  It’s quite crazy and quite exceptional.  I was so wary of him at first, because he’s a bit of a casual and you don’t usually expect them to be so nice, but he’s great.  I really like him and we had such a funny time.


‘Cool Blue’ – Eurythmics


Also got talking, really well, to the ‘photo-goths’, who aren’t really Goths, but until today I didn’t know their names.  Well, they are Clarissa Naylor (the exceptionally pretty little one) and Imogen (the tall, skinny Siouxsie type), and they are really nice, especially Clarissa.  We’ve spoken a couple of times before, but we had a much longer chat today.  Clarissa is a wonderful personality, and a very beautiful second generation Italian, with naturally curly, long dark hair + lovely olive skin.  She has a look of mystery about her and it’s really delightful.  Imagine how pleased I was when Leighton told me she ‘fancies’ me?




What numbed me was when, in a later conversation, Clarissa told me that Penny (the girl I chatted to at the disco), with whom she lodges, ‘fancies’ me – like crazy.  I was, of course, flattered, but this got me thinking that perhaps Clarissa doesn’t like me all that much at all.  I mean, she’s gorgeous, but I’d never even dare consider ‘fancying’ her or ‘going out with’ her, because of her extreme beauty.



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Next time: ‘The scaffolding goes up…’

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