The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 28 October 1988

Macbeth: Dress Run




‘We Call It Acieed’ – D Mob


Remembrance Of The Daleks was a classic. 

Loved it.


…acid, man…




I got to tech at 8.30am and chatted briefly to Justine in a vague type of way, as Suz was listening.  Nothing of our ‘situation’ was mentioned, but loving, knowing looks were exchanged between us.  This was all happening to the jukebox tune of ‘We Call It Acieed!’ by D Mob.




At 8.45am, I reported to the Make-Up Department with other members of the cast, where Simon Lewis applied a whole range of bloody body make up to my chest and ribs (for when my cadaver is ‘reanimated’), which was then cleverly covered by my KING DUNCAN costume.


‘It’s No Game No.1’ – David Bowie


At 10am, I strolled into The Walks, to the stage at the Red Mount Chapel, with Josh Wilde who plays BANQUO.  We discussed Macbeth and the recent publicity thrust upon us by a somewhat religiously fanatical section of West Norfolk society who, as born again Baptists (or something) recently put down + slammed our unperformed production on Radio Norfolk this week, saying that by performing a ‘cursed play about witches’ on Hallows Eve and on ‘consecrated ground’, we would evoke evil spirits.


I cry ‘AR YA DÜ’.


Good publicity for us, though.


‘Up The Hill Backwards’ – David Bowie


Oh, and at last, Dorrie’s banners are complete!


At 10.30am, we began a slow run-through of the play, using the scaffold stage that I designed, for the very first time.  The inside of the Chapel (our ‘backstage’) is Remarzing.  Also, the professional attitude of our 70-strong cast and (mostly) crew is tremendous.


I almost froze to death when I played the corpse in a ripped shirt during Act III – it was significantly different to the warmth of my cloak in Act I.


The dancing apparitions are skill!  I had to say that!


‘I’ll House You’ – The Jungle Brothers


At 12.45pm, we stopped for lunch at the end of Act III, and I returned to Tech, ripped + bespattered with ‘blood’.  I sat in the S.U. Office with Bianca White (gosh, we used to be in the same ‘gang’ in the old days, didn’t we?) and we chatted for a bit, until Laura Goldwyn (as Hecate, who in this version‘re-animates’ my cadaver) burst in to tell us that Yorkshire TV were in The Walks to film us, so we rushed back after a 15 minute lunch, in Laura’s car.


For the frightening YTV and regional press coverage, we performed the dance of the apparitions, with my dumb-looking corpse ‘watching’ on.  I’m sure it’ll be dead embarrassing when it’s on Calendar on Monday nite.  I bet I look gormless.


My bits were all done by 2pm, and Larry Goodgirl decided there’d be no Sunday rehearsal, so I rang Betty + arranged to come to Castleford by getting a lift with Giles Bacon.


So here I am.


I’ll see Flash tomorrow.  BOMBAFOOKACKA.


‘Acid Man’ – Jolly Roger


Oh aye!  Guess who’s organising all the Rag Week entertainments this year – including The Rag Revue – just cos he’s a good pal of the S.U.?  Aye.  Me!  HAR-HAR!  I’ll get Ben Fletcher to help me…


I miss Justine.  I wish I’d seen more of her later today.  We exchanged some loving looks when we saw each other briefly in corridors, etc.  But I am crazy for her.  I wish I could see her more.  What will she say to my letters?



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Next time: ‘Who’s this silly bastard?’

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