The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 22 October 1988




‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome’ – Frankie Goes To Hollywood









Why am I so sad?

Where is my ROSERING?


Why am I so sad inside?




Music right now?

No goth shit!

At last…


The PURPLE HAVEN is now my MARILYN BEDROOM.  It contains my bed (which takes up about half the room), a bedside cabinet, a unit for books and stuff, my stereo, my wardrobe and a chair.


On one wall I have all my postcards – approx 50 – and they’re all of Marilyn.  This wall also has a huge poster of her face (from The Misfits), a LIFE magazine cover, a rare photo and Book Collector’s advertisement for Bert Stern’s book.

On another all I have three big posters of Marilyn.  On one, she is lying down in a yellow swimsuit, on another she is against a white background and wrapped in white fur, and finally she is waving from a window, dressed in a towelling robe.

On my other wall I have two black + white Marilyn prints.



‘Ashes To Ashes’ – David Bowie


Today I watched Doctor Who: Logopolis (Tom Baker’s final story) and it looks so horribly tacky.

Doctor Who has come a long way since 1981.  THANK GOD!!!



‘Black Night, White Light’ – Frankie Goes To Hollywood



This show proves the adage that ‘the memory cheats’.  I remember watching Logopolis when I was about ten or eleven and, at the time, it was excellent.  Watching it now, I find it – and forgive my stupidity – quite a hard story to not follow so much as make any adequate or meaningful sense of.  That I managed it is probably more testament to the fact that I saw it about four times in the early ‘80s, and I’ve read the novel twice.  Not that I don’t like to be challenged and be made to understand big ideas, but it also just seemed so darned unlikely and – I never thought I’d say this – far-fetched.  It is also shoddily made, and the last episode looks incredibly awful because of the mingling of video, film, model shots and a huge effort at excellent location filming undermined by studio shots (on video) pretending to be part of the same sequence.  It’s like a patchwork quilt.  That said; it’s still incredibly nice to see it.  Tom Baker perhaps reaches a peak and Anthony Ainley (The Master) settles in straight away.  Tegan, however, is something of an aggressive bungler, Nyssa can’t act and Adric is bloody ugly.  Peter Davison?  Well, he looks atrocious and very unlikely at the end of Part Four, nothing like the Doctor we came to expect, but then, at least that IS to be expected.




‘Swing’ – Japan


Astra Trellis writes:

Hello, it’s Astra Trellis here.  It’s 5 to 12 on a Saturday night, nearly Sunday morning.  I nearly mashed a half dunked Digestive into Ritcherd’s bed.


(Interesting info: Chip looks like a little angel, or Patsy Kensit in the Bird’s Eye frozen pea advert, when she was a wee nipper)






Astra Trellis came over tonite, which was nice.




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Next time: ‘Flashy…’

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