The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 12 October 1988

Introductory Disco

‘Big Fun’ – Inner City
I rehearsed most of the day as King Duncan, enjoying the dramatic scope of Duncan’s ‘reanimation’ from the dead.  This has really strengthened the appeal of the role for me, which might ordinarily have been quite straightforward.  It seems something of a much more welcome challenge, as acting is my personal priority on this course, and not Set Design!  These are two very different practices.
Music is developing with Vlad.
‘Club Country’ – The Associates

This week is well heavy.
A scaffolding tower for the indoor stage set has been negotiated from the PD department of NORCAT.  Banners are being designed for the outdoor stage, and set and stage design specifications have now been distributed to all relevant departments.
Today, College dragged on until Roger and I got ready, along with Ben Fletcher, Natalie Palmer + Jim in the S.U. office, and then the Drama Studio, in preparation for… the Introductory Disco!

I wore my black, frilled shirt, tight black jeans, pointy Cuban-heeled boots, belts and the gold dressing gown/smoking jacket thing that Astra Trellis says I look great in.
We were then joined by Sarah George + Jenny Taylor, who walked down to the REGIS ROOMS with us.  On the way, it chucked it down, but my well-high GOTH HAYRE was not at all affected.
‘Teardrops’ – Womack & Womack

In the REGIS ROOMS I chatted with Ben Fletcher, Jim, Natalie (all of whom are in Macbeth) + Roger.  Then Hamster got in, and joined us, being pissed + silly.  I drank two pints of 1080 before the doors even opened!
When they finally did open, I said hi to two girls I have come to know as ‘the photo gophs’, because they dress in black and do Photography.  I told them about Macbeth + they said they’d come and see it.
And so, Justine Black + Suz Cole arrived.  As Roger and Suz are still together, I went and sat with them, guzzling 1080 + a bottle of VODKA.
Justine was wearing a rubber skirt!  She was ultra-Goth and looked amazing!
Once pissed, Justine + I danced to, amongst others: ‘This Corrosion’ by The Sisters Of Mercy; ‘Blue Monday’ by New Order; ‘Teardrops’ by Womack & Womack, and tonnes of HOUSE + ACID, including ‘Rok Da House’ by Beatmasters & Cookie Crew, ‘Oochy Koochy’ by Baby Ford, and, best of all, ‘Big Fun’ by Inner City.
When we got back from dancing, feeling exhilarated and a bit turned on, I was well angry when I found my VODKA all gone.  And Justine was furious that her Rum had gone missing.  She even blamed me for it!  WHY?!  I wouldn’t pinch her bloody Rum.  I told her I would never do anything like that, because I still love her.  Yes, I declared my love for her.  And off I went, annoyed.
I saw Suz Cole, told her what had just happened, and asked her to tell Justine that I do love her.  I don’t know if she did, though.
I then had a nice chat with Nyall + a nice CURE fan called Penny. 
‘Martha’s Harbour’ – All About Eve

When I returned to my seat, Justine asked me to dance with her.  We smooched + kissed a lot.  You could say I ‘got off’ with her, but I think the kissing was me being forceful – I’m not sure it was what she had been planning.  As we danced, I told her I LOVE HER.
LARRY GOODGIRL, our tutor, who was also at the Disco, and Daniel Abbott, drove Ben Fletcher, Jim Jones + I to Simon Lewis’s place in West Lynn, where we all attended a groovy Drama Department Party.
I was fucked out of the skies, and so was everybody else.
Josh Wilde (who looks like Sylvester McCoy and is as camp as they come – which is wonderful) was ace, sniffing my HARDWARE amyl nitrate, along with John + Tom Gray (brothers from TS2) who are skill.
The party was boozwallah.
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Next time: ‘Big fun in London…’

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