The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 9 October 1988


‘Oochy Koochy’ – Baby Ford




That was another fun-packed weekend, featuring, in nor particular order…


The Revelation of Julian Ward; The Promise of Simon Lewis the Make-Up Artist; The Friendship of Astra Trellis; work; a caravan; The Angel; a pizzle with Ash and Alice; Intelligence and Fantasy with Spock; A Meeting of the Kindred Ones (Wendy Mackintosh and Moddex); Vodka bottles full of lager; Hardware on roundabouts; Invisibility In The Park; Pavillion drinking sessions; The Tomb of Ash; and The Chipping Of The Tooth.


Today began in the park, pissed with Ash, Wendy and Moddex.  At about 1.30am, we all walked to Moddex’s place and she went in.  Ash and I then walked Wendy The Mish-Goph home – and I even got a goodnite kiss.  But on the way, I smashed my front right tooth into a bottle, as Ash stopped in front of me whilst I was swigging from it.  It chipped it, and cut my mouth, but it’ll be fine.  Oh, and Ash ran off with some poor sod’s garden gates.


I slept at Ash’s and came home this afternoon.


On top of all this:

The Doctor Who novel The Ambassadors Of Death by Terrance Dicks was ‘GOOD’. 

And The Crusaders by David Whitaker was ‘EXCELLENT’.


I look forward to the week ahead.


My recent record purchases include:

‘Oochy Coochy’ 12-inch by Baby Ford; ‘Doctorin’ The House’ 12-inch by Coldcut; and ‘Rags’ 12-inch by Crazyhead.


[Never mind that shite!  Try THE PRODIGY, DAFT PUNK, LES RHYTHMES DIGITALES and FAITHLESS – love Ritch, 1999 XXX]


Larry Goodgirl




Skeletons and spiders and creatures with brass horns for mouths…




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Next time: ‘Coughing blood…’

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