The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 4 October 1988


‘Mirror Man’ – The Human League


Today was spent planning and designing the new scaffolding ‘shanty town’ set.  New stage design – GREAT!  Things are beginning to look good, and grow ever more exciting.


Why do I ‘fancy’ most of the girls I meet?

I.E. Vicky McCoy, Sharon Fielding, Lisa Capstan, Caroline Dawson, Davina Ellis, Lee-Anne Jones, Shell, Una Baker, Emma West, etc?




Really, though, I just want to go back out with JUSTINE.  She’s not seeing anyone now so it wouldn’t be at all complicated and we could just get on with having fun and doing a bit more lovemaking with that curvy white body of hers.  We never tired of each other as friends – just fell out.  I really would love to go back out with her.


Anyway.  Less of my biological urges!


Doctor Who Theme’ – BBC Radiophonic Workshop


I was in the paper again today.


Lynn News & Advertiser, Tuesday, October 4, 1988, p. 21


Picture: Ben Fletcher as Macbeth, with Donna Davidson as his wife, murdering King Duncan, played by Ritcherd Winterfood.


Spooky Venue for Macbeth

THE haunting suspense of Macbeth is being acted out on Hallowe’en in one of Lynn’s spookiest places – Red Mount Chapel in the Walks.

A fiddler is reputed to haunt the building – a man who disappeared in an underground tunnel that is said to run from the chapel to Greyfriars Tower, and to Castle Rising.

Drama students at Norfolk College of Arts and Technology are staging the play in the open air and are hoping that the setting will enhance the evil and horror of the play.  The project is being carried out by students on the new B.Tec Course, in performing arts, who are doing all the organisation themselves.

Other students have been drafted in to help with make-up and work behind the scenes.

The stage will be set on scaffolding around the chapel, and the famous witches will cast their spells from the top of the building.

Sixty-five students are involved, and after the Hallowe’en debut, the play will run at Norcat for two days.

“It let’s them go out and see what the real world’s about,” said head of performing arts Mr Larry Goodgirl.  He is supervising the preparations and is directing, but is letting the students set up the event themselves.

“It’s part of the business of theatre.  They have had to prepare plans, arrange equipment, speak to the parks department.  They are coping very well and I am very impressed,” he said.

“They have come up with a lavish production, which requires a lot of sound and technical effects.”

Two hundred chairs are being installed, and the audience is advised to bring blankets, umbrellas and other comforts – come hell or high water (or rain), the production is going ahead on October 31.



MUSIC all day tomorrow.




The trailers for Doctor Who are skill!


is acker!



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Next time: ‘Remembrance of the Daleks…’

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