The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 21 October 1988

Falling Out With Lee-Anne

‘Never Trust A Stranger’ – Kim Wilde


Carl, Shelley and I – with the help of Jonny Badcock – transported blocks and other bits and pieces to the College Theatre for the set.


As Head of Set, I asked Lee-Anne Jones to measure the indoor and (impressive) outdoor stages in order to calculate the difference between the two.  We need to know this because it will logistically affect the way in which we hang Dorrie Robbins’s banners.  But Lee-Anne was displeased at this request/instruction and tension mounted between us.  I am amazed at her audacity, as she has not been seen around the Set Team – and certainly not in any useful capacity – for quite some time.  She even told me it was my duty to chase her around College to keep her updated on what we’re doing.  She knows we have weekly meetings – all the teams do, in the College Theatre – every Wednesday.  Lee-Anne has been absent for all the most recent ones.  I don’t see Carl or Shelley feigning ignorance like this.  Thank god.


The cost of plywood for the outdoor stage has also been checked.


I told Astra Trellis, quite honestly, that I ‘love every inch of Justine, body + soul’.



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Next time: ‘Logopolis…’

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