The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 24 October 1988

Back with Justine

‘Twist In My Sobriety’ – Tanita Tikaram


Monday, Monday.


Today, Mad Ruth came up to me and told me JUSTINE wanted to talk to me about something.  So, eventually, Justine and I met up, sat in the College Library + talked.  She wanted to know why I’d been ‘IGNORING’ her.  I told her the same thing I told Astra Trellis.  After the DISCO I felt uncertain as to where we stood, so I’d been avoiding her in case my kissing her had scared her off.  I just didn’t want to lose our friendship, so thought it best to lay low until the air cleared.  We then talked about allsorts – but mainly about Jenny ‘fancying’ me.  I also told her all about my doomed interlude with BM Wasp.  Then we chatted about ‘the old days’, and all the ‘this time last year’ stuff.  Justine admitted that she had been jealous to hear of all my dalliances with other women, and indicated that she had been planning to draw us both back together.


‘This Corrosion’ – The Sisters Of Mercy


We then talked about Magick, and the black, patent thigh-length boots that she’s getting for her Birthday.  Inevitably, this set me off about Stan’s party.  She laughed + I laughed at how knackered I was that day – that day of all days – but still, we went ahead + did what we did seven times.

‘That’s nothing,’ said Justine.  ‘Just you wait…’

‘Eh?’ I gasped, hardly believing my luck.  ‘Are you going to seduce me again, then?’

‘Yes,’ she said, quite matter-of-factly, not even looking up from the homework she was doing.  ‘On my birthday.’


The rest of the afternoon was full of hints and innuendo, and an overview of our seemingly ‘love/hate’ relationship over the last year.


She then admitted that she still loves me.  I replied in kind and kissed her.


JUSTINE and I kissed.


But still there is confusion.  We’ve begun to hint to each other of our growing affections, and things look promising, but I am uncertain of what this new situation actually is.


‘The Power Of Love’ – Frankie Goes To Hollywood


The set for Macbeth looked good today.  There is a scaffolding tower (to be covered in foliage and green piping to represent an overgrown castle turret or battlement) to the left of the stage, and on the stage itself two columns with a beam across to represent stone megaliths (which Carl and myself arranged).  These are to be painted (by me) with images of the devil taken from antiquarian texts.  They will represent the court and its descent into darkness.  When the curtains are closed, we will be in ENGLAND.  We also have a set of steps and a cage-like structure, to represent the depths of the castle – although this may not be of any use during the performance if the caretakers are unable to provide us with a key to the under-stage door that opens behind it.  Funnily enough, even though this is a huge compromise on my original designs, it resembles a ‘traditional’ Macbeth set design that someone showed me in a book.  Not a bad guess then, for a novice.  I also think this is really the most practical version of the set we have yet come up with.



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Next time: ‘Lighting the set…’

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