The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 12 September 1988

The Performing Arts Gang

‘Friend or Foe’ – Adam Ant


Half-glimpsed comic book faces, all jutting jaws, gritted teeth and floppy hairdos…






A man whose face is stretched to Earth by the gulping suck of gravity…


Free all

aching hearts


INTEREST IN MUSIC: (no order) SOUNDTRACKS, JAZZ, BLUES, HM (Guns ‘n’ Roses, Cinderella, WASP, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue), CLASSICAL (VERDI, WAGNER, Rachmaninov’s ‘Piano Concerto No.2’), David Bowie, Japan, David Sylvian, Crazyhead, The Wonder Stuff, ‘Grebo’ and Acid House.  Probably all in rather minor and rapidly diminishing degrees…




‘September’ – David Sylvian


I made my peace with JUSTINE BLACK today, and it’s ‘nice to be back’, as it were.  I think we are both quite relieved to be friends once more.  We’re so compatible and have similar interests in life.  I asked her about the blackmail threat that Leighton had mentioned to me over the summer and she told me he was lying.  I actually believe this.  I just don’t trust the guy.


At college, I go around with Justine, Hazel Church, Danny Black and Astra Trellis.  I also quite often go round with a girl called LEE-ANNE JONES from my drama group.  She’s 16, small and likes ‘alternative’ music.  She was initially surprised at my liking for JAPAN, CRAZYHEAD, THE WONDER STUFF and TONNES OF HM + ACID HOUSE.  Maybe if I’d mentioned The Cure or The Smiths I would have made more sense…  Even so, we currently share a love of DAVID SYLVIAN.


‘Chains of Love’ – Erasure


Who else is in my group?

Kat Hill (goth; moody; ex-girlfriend); Donna Davidson (funny; straight; reminds me of Julia McKenzie!); Daniel Abbott (straight but friendly; confident; technical); Pete Brownfield (older; blokey but nice; technical); Jolene Morse (was here last year on O-levels; attractive little alternative type with a blonde bob); Jonny Badcock (casual; baby-faced and did Carrie in Edinburgh); Trudy Paul (willowy and vaguely attractive; wants to be a model); Tracey Joyce (straight; Naomi Bell type of face; singer, probably; here last year on O-levels); Sharon Fielding (attractive; almost cockney accent; dancer, I think; also here last year on O -levels); Jodie Ratcliffe (butch; straight type; works at Barnes-By-Sea Theatre; confident and technical); Will Daniels (also from Barnes-By-Sea Theatre; tall but dead straight and apparently a magician!); Darren Marsh (was also here last year on O-level, I think; very Norfolk bumpkin; obsessed with The Lost Boys); Ken Farnham (older and moustachioed; looks like a policeman but very slight and weedy; wears tweed jacket and crap jeans with Heavy Metal t-shirts – whilst still managing to remind me of Neil out of TheYoung Ones).


We are all slowly building friendships.


‘The Lebanon’ – Human League


The college production – to be presented by ALL the drama groups, working together – will take place on Hallowe’en in The Walks, King’s Lynn.  It will also be presented in a few other places.  It will be Shakespeare’s Macbeth, but we’ll be doing it as more of a showcase ‘spectacular’, in order to show off the various talents and resources of the Drama Department.  It’s not going to be just a play, it’s going to be more of a gobsmacker.


To update and remind you, Larry Goodgirl has put us all into small groups and nominated each group to take on a different ‘aspect’ or ‘department’ of production.  Actors were also assigned roles.


I am to play (KING) DUNCAN – one of the more prominent roles – as well as assisting with the creation of a SOUNDTRACK.  I was asked to join the team and put some ideas forward because, this week, it is my duty to present a project with LEE-ANNE that involves making a DEMO SOUND TRACK for the APPARITION SCENE.  We have chosen to investigate the possibilities of mixing music and special sound effects.  We also have to research and compile notes on what a SOUND TECHNICIAN actually does.  I did quite well on the mixing side, I suppose.


In addition to these two roles, I am also the HEAD OF THE SET DESIGN + CONSTRUCTION TEAM (five of us; and all of us with no experience in this field), which is something of a challenge, but then I expect Larry Goodgirl intended it to be.




‘Specialization’ – Marilyn Monroe


It all began with a set design.  Over the summer, we were all told by the artistic director – Larry Goodgirl – that a Hallowe’en production of Macbeth would be staged in the outdoor Walks in King’s Lynn, around a ‘haunted’ Chapel built on a small hill called Red Mount.  I was given this role allegedly because of the ‘jagged’ set design I submitted when I did my Summer Preparatory Work.  But, in my belief, I have been given this role because there is no one else to do it, as I am by no means any type of design or construction person.


[Well, what better reason? – Larry Goodgirl, late 1988]


The role bothers me for four reasons:


1)       I don’t really have much interest in set design and construction.

2)       My original set design was based on a hypothetical ‘limitless’ budget, far, far greater than ours.

3)       My opinion of the play’s themes has changed.  Subsequently, and under the guidance of Larry Goodgirl, I now see the various levels of magic, deception and emotional uncertainty in the piece.  Sadly, I think the designs I submitted are going to be used as a guide for what we finally end up with.

4)       I never imagined or realised I would have to design an actual stage, to be built on the side of a hill for people to actually perform on!


Even so, LEE-ANNE is my deputy and I anticipate some very creative work will develop here…


As I said, the performance will be presented by all of the College Drama Groups: DPA 1 (us), TS1, TS2, PA1, PA2, OTS1 and any students doing Elective Drama Studies.


To help me with the Sound Track Demo, I have brought home VERDI’S MACBETH OPERA, which I find more entertaining + pleasurable than useful.



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Next time: ‘Time poor…’

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