The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 14 September 1988

Sound Technicians

‘Somewhere Down the Crazy River’ – Robbie Robertson



I’ve been missing my old DRAMA BUDDIES this last couple of weeks.  So today was wonderful when JO WEDONSKA.  I was strangely overawed.  It was lovely to see her.  She FAILED her TS A-level, which shocked me.  So she’s back at College for another YEAR.  That’s lovely!  I then saw GABY HILL.  She passed, like me – except she’s off to Hatfield Poly.  Good old, Gaby. 


Now, needless to say, over the two years of the TS course, I DOSSED.  Sarah + Jenny would always tell me off, and they were so confident that I’d fail.  I think all of them were.  At the end of the 1st Year, our tutor, Ronnie Treece, said it was time for everyone to apply for Higher Ed ‘except for Ritcherd.’  She told me I’d be wasting my time and ought to wait and see how things went.


THEREFORE, I am shocked and stunned at the group’s results:



passed and is now starting Polytechnic.



failed.  She is now, as I said, re-starting at NORCAT.



passed, I believe.



also failed, I believe.  No one’s entirely sure.


SARAH GEORGE            

failed.  This is an ironic shock for me.  She is now enrolled at Swaffham 6th Form, doing re-takes.


JENNY TAYLOR             

another, ironic, shock failure.  She has apparently applied for a research job at the BBC.


[hello, Ritch 1999 here!  I still know Jenny.  She’s lovely.  One of my favourite people + has been for a good 3 years.  She’s in AFRICA now + I miss her – Ritcherd, 1999 xxxxx]




‘Lift 'em On Up’ – Pat Benatar


Also in our lesson we had a ‘special guest’ Higher Education student, who Larry had invited along to listen to our ‘projects’ and ‘presentations’.  Unfortunately, due to a lack of time, ‘The Sound Technicians’ were unable to present their research.  I was disappointed, as I put so much work into it last night.


[It doesn’t go unnoticed! – Larry Goodgirl, late 1988]


Fortunately, the other students handed over some informative notes from their ‘projects’, and the Higher Ed student also gave the group some informative notes.



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Next time: ‘Splitting up and making up…’

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