The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 19 September 1988

Set Design & Construction

‘Rock On’ – Dave Howard Singers


The first Macbeth rehearsal.


Sadly, just to make things less easy, I had to neglect my ‘set’ duties, so as to rehearse and contribute to Act I as King Duncan.  I really want to push myself into creating an excellent role and giving great performances (certainly by the standard of my most ‘recent’ roles).


Ideas have been discussed within the ranks of the Set Team, based upon my initial ‘jagged’ design.  I am happy with Lee-Anne Jones’s ‘deputy’ work, but her spirit is as low as mine, if the truth be told, and the rest of the (fast-dwindling) team are quite lazy.  I, of course, am feeling great benefits as an actor, but very little ‘set design’ is actually occurring in my absence.  My inexperience of organising groups of adult into individual tasks without sounding or even feeling like I’m patronising them does not help.





‘The Jack That House Built’ – Jack ‘N’ Chill




LIFE’S FULL of wonderful characters now:


Justine (a great friend to have), BMW, Flash [!], Spock, Anderson, JoleneUna + Rhoda Baker, Daniel Abbott, Pete Brownfield, Tracey Joyce, Marco Di-Fonzo, Lee-Anne


[! – indicates my still knowing them, ten years after I wrote this.  Only one of them?  – Ritcherd 1998]


Spock’s great, though.  An excellent chap.


The Prisoner is lovely + Act Of Betrayal was excellent.


I feel ill…



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Next time: ‘Red Mount…’

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