The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 27 September 1988

Return to Trianglia

‘Desire’ – U2



I’m a busy man.  And life is good and very involving. 


Work has been furthered on the Macbeth set.  Although, a lot of the time, I’ve had to deputise to Lee-Anne Jones.  She’s good, but about as committed (in spirit) as me.  We’re both new to the concept of set + stage design + construction.  The rest of our team was even worse.  They did bugger all, so we got rid of them, as Lee and I were basically doing all the work.  A plea for more help was sent across the Drama Department, and we now have the help of a girl called Shelley Greene, who has volunteered her services and is rather excellent at Technical Drawing.  Dorothy Robbins has also offered to help with any detailed painting we might need.  I’m sure we’ll be able to utilise her skills the closer we get to the performance.


The outdoor stage received a ‘thumbs up’ from the construction men and scaffolders, and now work is commencing on the indoor stage set, which needs to be completed by Friday.  Our budget’s been well calculated and allocated, but our team has rather brilliantly only requested the very minor sum of £30.  Everything else we need has been either a favour or a negotiated free of charge (i.e. all the wood we need, some parachute material, chicken wire, etc).   And any cardboard we need is to be willingly + eagerly supplied by CAMPBELL’S SOUPS, following my suggestion that we contact them, last week.  So, well done Lee-Anne!


‘Get It On’ – T Rex


On top of the set + stage pressures, my characterisation of King Duncan is evolving wonderfully.  It’s very involving and I really am enjoying the part.  The scope is tremendous.  If only there was enough time.  I have to grow a beard for the role.  I also like the fact that in this production, the witches will be animating Duncan’s corpse as a conduit for the apparitions, which gives me the chance to do a bit of horror/sci-fi acting!  Something unusual and fun.  How does one play a reanimated cadaver whose vocal chords are being used by supernatural beings?


Also, I am involved in the composition of the soundtrack, for which I am providing some of the ‘vocals’.  I will be mixing this soundtrack, alongside Pete Brownfield and Jonny Badcock from our group.


‘Mandinka’ – Sinead O’Connor


My final role is that of Wisbech Area Publicity Manager.  This is a minor role, apart from the rest of the BTEC publicity work.  The whole publicity strategy is concentrated on West Norfolk, but as Wisbech is Cambs., and I live there, I have been asked to organise some handouts + poster displays.  I have consented to do as much as I possibly can.  Consequently, this evening I popped into TRIANGLIA (now 13 very young females strong and, I think, a pale flicker of what it once was) and told Tina (who I haven’t seen in a while) about Macbeth.  I also suggested that she might like to organise a Queen’s School party to come along and see it.  She says she will, as long as I send an offcial leaflet and covering letter to her next week at the school.  IT SHALL BE SO. 


So, I took to the podium to speak with the youths of TRIANGLIA, plugging the production to a very eager reception.  Tina thanked me for this.


I also saw Bella Murphy (who still goes) and she returned my Bowie book.


‘Females (Get On Up)’ – Cookie Crew


Tomorrow, Pete, Jonny + I will be working on music + special sound all day, apart from a photo session + interviews with the LYNN NEWS AND ADVERTISER and the EASTERN DAILY PRESS, who will be photographing Macbeth (Ben Fletcher) murdering Duncan (me).




It’s all bloody go.  AND I LOVE IT!!!




I’m attracted to fellow BTEC stude Sharon Fielding – but we’re very different as people.  Nothing could really grow between us.  I just like her sexy, big-eyed face and she makes me laugh.  She also looks sexy in our Dance lessons.


I also like Una Baker who’s in TS1.  She’s one of the Baker Sisters (remember Rachel from school?  And the middle sister, Rhonda is in TS2).  She likes me, I think.


‘Hide and Seek’ – Brigandage





I’d like to be with her again.  Just as it was between us earlier this year, in the SUGARBLOOD days, when Stan was okay and Ennio Morricone was great.  Without Leighton, of course!  Oh, Justine…  Stan’s party was gorgeous.  Remember that?!  I think what I’m basically trying to get across is that I really want to make love to her again.  I see her around college and she is still the most incredible-looking Goth-girl I’ve ever seen.  She does it so well, and so much better than everyone else.  And maybe she has put a bit of weight on – so people keep telling me – but I think it only adds to her sexiness.  I fancy her like crazy.  I would love to have sex with her.  I think that every time I see her or sit chatting with her.  And maybe she’d give me the flexible commitment I need right now, which brings me on to…



I adore Miranda.  We are still ‘seeing’ each other.  We get together on any free nights I have – if I have the money and the energy – and she’s really nice.  We kiss and cuddle and laugh and drink a lot, but we haven’t made love for ages now, because I’ve decided I don’t want to be having sex without condoms – for both our sakes.  Trouble is, I never get round to getting some.  If I’m honest, I feel her inability to ‘commit’ to what I want, whilst expecting me to give her what she wants has really spoilt things for me.  I feel like I’m being used.  But I still really care about her.  She’s beautiful.  But sometimes I think she has a dark and greedy heart, and I worry that one day she’ll hurt me by simply casting me aside.

And who is this Goth that came into Tech and asked for me?  Apparently, she likes me?


I’ve also seen Jenny Taylor.  She’s in College every Wednesday on a Business Studies Course.  I doubt I’ll be able to meet up with her, though, cos Wednesdays are always big ‘production’ days.


‘The Hungry Years’ – Andi Sexgang & Marc Almond


Davina Ellis of TS1 asked me the other day if I knew a Goth last year who was reputedly ‘King of the College Goths’ who her sister really fancied, but had never spoken to.  I asked who he was.  Davina didn’t know his name, but he was about my height, blonde, with backcombed hair, boots with skulls on, ripped jeans and leggings, make up, crucifixes and ‘DEATH IN JUNE’ painted on the back of his biker’s jacket.


And she asks ME if I knew him?  Can you credit it?


‘End of the Night’ – The Doors



The Celestial Toymaker novel was crap for Gerry Davis.  Fury From The Deep is better.


I am excited at the prospect of Doctor Who’s imminent return to television.  I had such a Doctor Who feeling last week; something to do with the weather; the smells in the air, the atmosphere.  It feels so ‘traditional’ this year.  Like when I was a wee kiddy.  This new Doctor Who season feels exciting.  NEXT WEDNESDAY!  OOOH!  The McCoy Years WILL be good!  McCoy is lovely, as is Sophie Aldred (Phwoar!).



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Next time: ‘Music Concrete…’

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