The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 16 September 1988

Perfect Sex With Miranda

‘Sensoria’ – Cabaret Voltaire


Being head of the SET DESIGN + CONSTRUCTION TEAM distresses me to a degree, as it appears NONE of the team have any previous set experience.  I am no exception, either.  Even so, I am determined to try and face the challenge as eagerly as I can, despite my disadvantages.  Problematically, I think there’s some resentment within my team, because we know that all the other teams contain at least one – or is being externally supported by – someone with relevant, previous experience.


[Good evidence of personal development – Larry Goodgirl, late 1988]


Slowly, but surely, vague sketches (in various versions) for the indoor set are appearing, and currently it’s a very jagged, grey affair, built on two levels.


‘The Number of The Beast’ – Iron Maiden


Tonite, Miranda and I went into The Angel and sat with Ash.  Spock came in.  I mentioned that I met him last SUNDAY, and here he was again in his blue Starfleet attire and pointy ears (we spoke briefly last week and discovered we had a few common interests, so we spoke again tonite).  Although he’s much older than me and really very odd, he really intrigues me.


Miranda and I went to the graveyard and made love again, this time on one of the gravestones, and it was the most perfect sex we’ve ever had.  It was amazing, just to be able to thrust deep inside her as she leant her hot white body against the cold, dead, stone; both of us feeling the dark profanity of what we were doing.  She is gorgeous.  And I really do love fucking her.  Tonight was incredible, the best.


I still love Miranda, but I’m not sure where it’s all going.



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Next time: ‘Let’s NOT Make Love…’

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