The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 20 August 1988

Ritcherd & Miranda, Pt. 2

‘One Love’ – Pat Benatar


I can’t believe it!


I’m happy!  So VERY HAPPY!


Today, Kat will arrive in Wisbech for the afternoon, with her friend Sarah (from Devizes), and we’ll get happy with Ash.  That’s at 4.30pm-ish…




This very day, I am to meet up with the most beautiful creature on the Earth – my only true love – on the Third Anniversary Saturday of our first ever meeting.



6.50pm, on the evening of that same day…


‘Break On Through’ – The Doors




This morning I saw Kat + felt nonplussed.  Willock slammed into my brain whenever I looked at her, and I know it won’t be long now before they are once again arm in arm.


When she’d gone, I tried to meet Ash at 2pm-ish.  It never happened, but I bumped into Danny Chegwin.  We chatted, and he was pleased to hear that I was to meet MIRANDA.


I reached BACCHALLY’S at 2.15pm.


She was there, waiting. 


I didn’t see her for the first minute or so, but when I sat down with her, we both shivered a lot, scared.  She and I spoke of the last two years or more apart.  She chain-smoked throughout.  We spoke, and I couldn’t believe we were talking.  The feeling was sensational.


It seems she is single, and her opinions are a little sour about Wiggy and Mr Mark Dalton.  I think we are the main THREE MEN in her LOVE HISTORY.  She told me that life with Wiggy (the guy she was with after me) had been unbearable.  Obviously, she then had a long relationship with Mark Dalton, but they had split during her A-levels.  She’s no longer with him, but she is still his friend.  She’s been out drinking with Wiggy a few times, and told me she had arranged to meet him tonite.  She said she had been thinking of getting in touch with me.  She had even intended writing to me to find out if I fancied celebrating our anniversary!


I confessed about my evening sojourns outside her house.  She confessed she had been spying on me through the curtains with the zoom lens of her camera, uncertain as to whether or not it was I, bearing in mind I’ve changed a lot since we spent any real time together.


We then travelled around Wisbech, buying presents for her grandfather’s birthday.


‘Anyone Can See I Love You’ – Marilyn Monroe


After this, we went to the new WINE BAR and drank lemonade.  Here, we reminisced and I apologised for my neglect during the time we were going out with each other.  We laughed a lot and sighed a lot.  Then she decided to call off tonite’s date with Wiggy.  She’s NOT going to go – she’s going out with me instead.  You see, I asked her out for a drink and she said yes.









‘Moonage Daydream’ – David Bowie


I met BMW tonight at the Park in Magazine Lane, where we had once ventured with Make-Up and Sue Evans.  She looked lovely with her shaggy dark hair, dark leather coat and long skirt.  Perfect.  She is even more beautiful than she ever was, more ‘gothy’ without actually being a goth.  Lovely.  We then progressed to THE ROSE TAVERN, where we drank vodka, cider and lager.  It seemed as though we had never, ever been apart and had known one another for years.  The conversation was rich, intellectual and very nostalgic.  The pub cats sat with us until we decided to visit the new Wine Bar, which was full of STRIPEY SHIRTS, so, instead, we went down to BLACKFRIARS’ Off Licence (an old Saturday night haunt from those nights out with Cheggers, Jazz and co.) and bought two bottles of LIEBFRAUMILCH.  We sat and drank these in the cold Wisbech Park, talking continuously of life together and life apart.  The wine did its work, so we walked to the edge of the Park (and practically the edge of Wisbech – well, the bit that matters).  Once done there, Miranda asked me if she could put her arm through mine.  Of course, I didn’t mind.


We walked back into the Park and sat on the bench we had sat upon when we first made love, that Saturday nite in 1986.  She told me I was a ‘pig’ as Ritcherd ’85, but she said Ritcherd ’88 was healthier looking, bigger, stronger, more protective, more spiritual + intellectual and she told me that she was really enjoying being with me again.  I asked her if I was such a pig for that 6 (or so) months when we were 15, then why had she stuck with me?


‘Because I loved you,’ she replied.  ‘Wasn’t that good enough?’


WE THEN KISSED.  And KISSED.  And KISSED.  We KISSED for what felt like a blissful eternity.  And I had waited for this moment ever since Rocky IV in 1986.


Then she told me she still loves me.  And the feeling seemed, of course, rather mutual.


We kissed a great deal more – fantastic, hungry, familiar kisses – and it WAS the reunion I had dreamed of.


‘Take It As It Comes’ – The Doors


We went for another walk, arms locked and intimate.  We ventured down an alleyway where we had once been very close to making love, but had failed, realising it was time to go home.  We then looked at the non-wall outside THE MUSEUM.  Here, we kissed further, and Miranda went to the toilets.  We were very happily drunk.


At approximately 11.50pm, she and I went across to yet another park – the little one near where Jayne Tyler lives – and Miranda, saying she knew of a very special way of celebrating our anniversary, recommended we make love. 


To tell the truth, now the glorious moment had come, I felt a little nervous and uncertain.  We were drunk.  I just hoped she meant what she was saying.  I didn’t want this to be a drunken fumble, something forgotten or regretted.  I wanted it to be special.


We kissed by the old, fallen tree trunk, and fell into the long grass.  I muttered something to the effect of, ‘I think it would be VERY special.’


‘It would,’ she replied.


And it was.



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Next time: ‘Madly in love with Miranda…’

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