The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 11 August 1988

Nine Years From Now: 11/08/97

'Wild In The Country' - Bow Wow Wow

I've finally gotten my creative finger out and started writing the 'other' novel in my life: Little West Riding Hood, an experimental book based on my '94/'95 panto tour.  It's feeling good and I love RHONDA's word processor.
I thought about LILITH a lot and got very angry and upset.  I was realising he damage she had done to my life; almost hating her.  Do I still want her presence in my life?
I went out to ring KATE, but of course, SHE WASN'T FUCKING IN.  Even though we'd arranged that I'd ring her at that time.  It pissed me off because I could have had a lie-in instead of traipsing up to the fucking phone box for nothing!  It makes me so fucking angry.
I rang FLASH also, and I'm glad.  We are still so in-tune; the power and the energy is rising again.  He's written a play about our 1988 RICHMOND holiday and is putting it on in a LONDON pub theatre in December.  He's also doing BERWIN GROOMSTOOL in EDINBURGH next week.  Good luck, mate!  Our conversation was so warm and close and very enlightening.  THE BOOK OF THE LAW has been figuring again in his life, too...
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Next time: ‘Back to 1988…’

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