The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 10 August 1988

Nine Years From Now: 10/08/97

'Virginia Plain' - Roxy Music

KATE was supposed to come and stay next weekend.  It was all arranged.  JACK and ANGELA were also coming, but KATE rang today to cancel.  She says she's skint and to recoup some cash she's going to be working in her friend's pub next weekend.  I'm pissed off, but I understand.  She's now coming the weekend after the weekend after and says, 'I'll make it up to you.'
Apparently she did badly in her exams, but luckily doesn't need to do any re-sits.
I'm very disappointed about her cancellation.  I rang Fergie and told her that this is almost the last straw for me.  My patience is being tested, and although I love Kate, I find myself far too young to play these silly waiting games.
I rang ASTRA TRELLIS and we had a long and entertaining chat.  She told me she'd seen JUSTINE BLACK recently and she'd put some weight on.  She also saw a same-old, same-old ROGER WATSON.  We also talked about PAULINE GOLD.  That was odd.  I wonder where she is now.  I wish I knew...
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