The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 21 August 1988

Madly In Love With Miranda






I love Miranda Wasp





‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’ – Marilyn Monroe








The Rose Tavern, Blackfriars’ Off Licence, The Park, The Toilets, The Park, The Alleyway, The Non-Wall, The Other Toilets, The Other Park, and Home…


Mad-haired demonic creatures, all teeth and eyes…







‘A Man Chases A Girl’ – Marilyn Monroe


Making love with Miranda was the best ever.


I had wanted Miranda so much, and there we were, practically naked and making love four times over on the long grass.  Four times.


Her kisses were delicious and her lips so tasty.  Her body was beautiful, curvy, pale and soft.  Her breasts were full and, frankly, perfect.  Her pubic hair was dark and thick and wet.  To be inside her was a delight I will never be able to express, but think of the thing you want the most in the world and then imagine that it suddenly decides it wants you and surrenders itself to you in the most intimate of ways – four times over.  I have had some great sex this year, but this upped the game quite considerably.  I have never known anything quite like it.  She was confident and excited, responsive and hungry.  This really was lovemaking.  And god, did I feel love for her!  I was at my most aroused (which is saying something for a drunken Ritcherd), so hard and feeling so powerful.  It was like working magic, rather than sex.  I just loved her so much, and made sure that she knew it, body and soul.


Now the doubts come out, and I begin to wonder if my lovemaking was adequate enough.  BUT SHE WAS WONDERFUL.


Miranda is beautiful.  More than I’d ever remembered or imagined.  I love everything about her.  Except her mother.  She messes Miranda about so much and would never approve of me.


At 12.50am this morning, we set off back to our respective homes, kissing a great deal on the way.


I shall do my hayre now and meet Miranda at the ‘ruins’ of the house at 3pm.





‘Incurably Romantic (with Yves Montand)’ – Marilyn Monroe


We drifted along the Brink, and I read her some pages of my old diary that I never thought I would ever get the chance to read to her.  I’m not sure how she felt about it; it was a little obsessive.


Lazily, we watched the river run beneath swirling grey heavens that threatened to pour at any moment.  Watching horses and their riders take the afternoon air, we sat in the grass and kissed our incredible kisses.  We were still kissing when those heavens fell, and the meaning of life was almost revealed to me, but it stopped short and remained, tantalisingly, at the edge of my vision, safe beyond the periphery of my understanding.  It mattered not; my lips were still caressing Miranda’s. 


I enjoy kissing Miranda.  It is a simple pleasure, and the best things in life are free: sunsets, distant church bells, pale white cornfields, the stars, the Moon, birdsong, rivers, lakes, trees.  This all-natural ‘heritage’ is ours to enjoy, without any need for possession.  And then of course, there are children, beautiful children, such as Chip.  Beauty is free and love is free.  Dreams are free.


‘These Dreams’ – Heart


My dreams are free, even if I am not.


My dream is of success and the pleasures such success would bring me.  I’m by no means greedy – as I said before, I merely desire the more accessible, beautiful things from life – but I am determined enough now to forge ahead and work for my future in the PERFORMING ARTS as a respected individual, a good and influential member of the artistic firmament.  And I’d love to have Flash by my side: STALWARTS OF THE PROFESSION.


I spoke to Ruth of these aspirations as we strolled, hand in hand, following the course of North Brink riverbank.  After a while, we stopped and seated ourselves in the long grass and spoke of many things, of diverse moments and feelings.


‘Lazy’ – Marilyn Monroe


Life is a beautiful, ever-changing thing: Ritcherd and Miranda, together again?  It never seemed possible, reasonable.  This time we seem to be deeply emotionally involved, but we have decided that it is not going to be a serious relationship.  That way, neither of us can be hurt.


It is good to love her.  But I still cannot believe it is so.


The Monocled Mutineer is once again tremendous.


Chariots Of Fire was absolutely brilliant.


And now I’m going to watch Nicolas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell To Earth.



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Next time: ‘Cider in the park…’

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