The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 18 August 1988

Don't Walk Away

Thursday 18th August





My No.1: ‘Don’t Walk Away’ – Pat Benatar


Bowie style faces, eyes closed, teeth in rictus grimace…


Long necked, floppy fringed acolytes gesticulating like they’re auditioning for the cover of “Heroes”…


Oh, the cruel conspiracies of fate; the cruel embarrassments that life thrusts upon us…


No A-level results yet, BUT another development in the BMW story…


I wrote a beautiful plea to her, asking her to meet me for one hour (and before you panic, it was far more eloquent and less desperate sounding than my ‘emergency notelette’).  Anyway, Ash said he’d deliver it through her front door for me.  So I kept back at a safe distance and watched him stroll along the Brink, cheerily waving back at me with the envelope.


Imagine my shrieking horror as he planted it into next-door’s letterbox! 




As far as I can tell, Next Door are on holiday.  There’s been no light or life there in all the nights I’ve been hanging around on the Brink.  I only hope they’ll soon return and be very neighbourly by sending it back to BMW.  It had her name and address on the envelope, at least. 


How embarrassing, though.  I feel like dying in a smelly heap.


Mind you, I still love Ash a lot.  He tried.  Not his fault.







Beatrice’s beautiful eyes, light and yet dark…


Her wonderful smile…


Bread is on and I really love it.  I can really identify with them all (Justine used to call me Freddie Boswell!)




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Next time: ‘A-level results…’

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