The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 5 August 1988

A Ghost Looming

‘Charlton Heston’ – Stump










‘My Girl’ - The Mamas & the Papas


Maybe I should have told Kat about Willock’s threats of suicide, but I didn’t.  I could have and part of me wanted to, but I didn’t. 




Because I care about Willock.  I really do. 


As much as I’ve enjoyed having some really good sex with Kat, I can’t get poor Willock out of my mind.  I’ve begun to think that he deserves Kat more than I do – and these feelings have certainly ripped the excitement out of where things COULD go with Kat.


Flash, on my request, tried to put Kat off me, but she only seems to want me even more.  And when she wants me more, I want her more.  It’s weird.  But Willock has been grossly and unjustly hurt.  And he’s really got to me, and it’s made me very moody.  It’s been hard to act like this relationship can be ‘normal’ and a thing in its own right with all the agony going on outside, and Flash and I distracting her from it.  I think Flash has probably been more entertaining to Kat than I have, to be honest.


But all that aside, I didn’t like it when she confessed to me that she knew in her heart that one day she and Willock will be together again.  That’s made everything seem very finite, and put all of this into perspective.


‘The Last Time’ – The Rolling Stones


So what’s the point of me trying to overcome this setback and retrieve my love for her if this return to Willock lies somewhere on the horizon? 


I may as well blank her from my mind, because really this is as good as over.  I should push her back into Willock’s arms if I have any integrity.


Maybe this is a good thing, because I can feel a ghost looming.



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