The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 14 July 1988

On The Wire



‘We'll Be Right Back’ – Steinski & Mass Media


Was listening to Into A Circle earlier and thinking about the early hours of a Sunday London morning, trying to sleep by that escalator in that train station with Stan…  We were PARTNERS IN CRIME back then.  I remember the light of the shopping arcade flooded onto me, so I went and fell into an uneasy sleep under the hot air ventilator…


‘No Escape’ – Cabaret Voltaire


This song reminds me of joining up with Ash and Dan.  The APRIL days…


Memory is a wonderful gift.


NOSTALGIA is beautiful…


'Walk Away' 12-inch from The Sisters Of Mercy...

The Hits Of House Are Here by Various Artists...


Oh.  College 88-90, please.  I WILL make theatre productions.


Hassle at home.  It does none of us much good.  There’s an –


Sorry.  Stopped to drink my Chocolate Horlicks there…


Yeah, there’s an atmosphere between Betty and Freddie.  They don’t get on too well, lately.  Down to Freddie’s moods, I think.  It could hinder Flash’s visit.  Ooh…


‘The Fourth Shot’ – Cabaret Voltaire


Ooh.  This reminds me of walking into Wisbech one Saturday after the Flash + Manda weekend.  Passing the Grammar School on North Brink, with the personal stereo on.  My mind said, ‘God!  This is about JFK.  Skill!’




Ooh, memory is great.


I wish Doctor Who would return to our screens.


Good old Doctor Who, my lifelong companion.  I’ve always watched it.  But the JAYNE days of ’85 and the 18 month cancellation brought about a brief demise in mine and Flash’s interest in the show.  I saw bits of it in ’86, but my flood of genuine interest came during the GOTH DAZE of ’87, when I was with Flash + Naomi in NORWICH.


Flash, our Who interest returned at Alford Grove, NRWCH; remember that day?  The Sisterhood of Karn in Naomi’s kitchen?  The VERY small ice cream cornet we made.  And we both talked about it in that caravan after that bastard rain-drenched walk from KING’S LYNN.


Doctor Who is great.  After all, Flash, it brought us both together, didn’t it?




My No.1: ‘On the Wire’ – The Sisters Of Mercy


Memory IS a beautiful thing.







(Willock on the subject of Ritcherd Jon Winterfood, in conversation with Miss Katrisha Hill)






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Next time: ‘Doctor Who trivia…’

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