The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 5 June 1988

Round Robin

Today was spent in Chapelfield Gardens with ice lollies.  And so, home on the bus with Leanne. 





'Escape Attempt By Moke and Speed Boat' - Albert Elms


The Prisoner LP is on.


I’ve just revised some Hamlet and Richard III.  It gets scarier.



Flash is nice and skill.  He is my best mate and I love him like a brother.  He rang tonite, actually, and we are hoping to create a video of our own very soon.  A new, re-written Berwin Groomstool will hopefully appear in this video, specifically to react against the ‘Berwin’ that Stan is currently using as his ‘alter-ego’ in Norwich.  Honestly, his imposter ‘Berwin’ gives the real Groomstool an even worse name than he’s already got.  Fortunately, Stan cannot handle the character.  Makes me feel a little more secure.  Berwin will be improved and redesigned, I think, to hopefully become something better than he already is.  The prospects are very exciting.  Flash is writing a script, which I will hopefully be able to add to, or develop, in an ‘ex-BTC’ kind of way.  When we’ve filmed it, Flash hopes that his step-granddad, Stephen Purvis (of the Six Of One Prisoner Appreciation Society) can help us with the Title Sequence.  We have a view to sending the finished film to various people, including Ben Elton, John Peel and some TV stations.  Oh, and to Six Of One (Ho-Ho!).


'Village Band Play the Farandelle' - Albert Elms



The performance day went well last week, but the task was very gruelling.  The pressure + nerves I felt at first were almost overwhelming, until I worked it off in a bout of physical exercise.  A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg and The Taming Of The Shrew were word and performance perfect and thoroughly enjoyable.  But the interviews with the Examiner were hard.  Especially when the Chief Examiner started butting in.  I’d honestly forgotten so much about the complete plays that I had to bluff.  These here A-levels are beyond me…



I’m toying with names for the band.  Ash and Dan aren’t too fussed what we’re called at the moment, but I am.  Especially when people say, as they often do, ‘Oh, what’s your band called?’  At the moment, I’d like to respond to that query with ‘KISS OF PAND’RA’ or ‘BLACK PARK’.  And they’re not all that good, are they? 


As for the music, here’s an UPDATE on what we’ve got:


1)       ‘Shallow Tide’ (Dan’s fave)

2)       ‘Rose Ring’ (Dan + Ash both love this, and it’s one of my faves)

3)       ‘Beyond The Dream Of Jasmine’ (Mine + Ash’s fave)

4)       ‘Badlands’


They are all well underway and will be performance definites.  On top of these, Dan and Ash’s tune ‘In Fear Of Death’ is in the process of having the ‘Beautiful Place’ lyrics added to it, and ‘Poland’ continues to evolve, both lyrically and musically.  Obviously, we still have a set of lyrics for ‘Kiss Of Pand’ra’ (now much extended), but no tune.  However, we also have two absolutely brilliant ‘spare’ tunes which we’re working on at the moment.  They will need lyrics soon.



1)       To complete ‘Beautiful Place’ and ‘Poland’.

2)       To write a tune for ‘Kiss Of Pand’ra’

3)       To add lyrics to the two tunes with now title.

4)       Write three more songs (i.e. lyrics and tunes)


Once we’ve done this, we’ll hopefully start planning our first gig.  A GIG!  YEEEUUURGH!!!


But I’ve also gotta find £7 month to pay the rehearsal room rent!  Yeeeuurgh!


‘Love Her Madly’ – The Doors



Doctor Who is, ultimately, in very strong favour with me once again.  I rediscovered my 1982 – 1985 collexion of Doctor Who Monthly magazine in an old sub-seating/storage area in the caravan.  They have been a source of entertainment over the last few days.


COLLEGE 1988 – 1990?

The Crossroads of My Life.  Again. 




Choices (vague):

a)       Get a job (Pallet Yard?). 

This would mean money, security + a lot of time to do what I want with the band + my money.

b)       Take the BTEC Performing Arts Course at NORCAT for 2 years.  My tutor, Larry Goodgirl has suggested this.  And even though he often keeps me after class, talking to me and seemingly undressing me with his eyes and testing my general response to being alone with a flirty gay man, I am considering it.  He really wants me to do the course, because it would mean there was someone older and a bit more experienced in the group who could hold things together.  He also thinks I’m talented but haven’t reached my full potential on the A-level course, which has probably failed my needs.  I agree.  I thought Theatre Studies would be more practical, but it was far more academic than I was willing to be.  I mean, if I wasn’t such a dosser, I could have done well, but I just didn’t care and I was easily distracted and once Ronnie (who I never got on with artistically) had gone, we had a succession of teachers and no real sense of ‘future’.  Larry also thinks he might be able to have my course fees paid for by the college, arguing my talent as a special case.  If I did the course, he thinks I could do well, and as it’s equivalent to 3 A-levels, he thinks when I leave I could go and do the Film Theatre course at BEACONSFIELD.  Which means that in about five years, I would be well qualified to work in acting, scripting + direction.

c)       Go to Europe, inter-railing and then a ‘working holiday’.  But then what?

d)       Attempt to work my way into repertory theatre.  But how is this achieved?

e)       Try and get an agent.  I’ve written some letters asking people to come and see me perform in C’est La Vie! At the Fermoy Centre.

f)        Die.


‘Got To Be Certain’ – Kylie Minogue



I received a letter from Norfolk County Council, who stated that they were pleased with my reply + in consultation with the Principal of NORCAT have decided to disregard the matter of the elusive £5.15.  I chalk one up to justice!



During the week, Belinda sent me a card.  On it was a photo of a sleeping chimpanzee with a thinx bubble coming from its head, saying, ‘Dreaming of you’.  Inside, Belinda wrote:


‘To Ritcherd,


Missing you already,


Love Belinda x’


I last saw her on the Monday and the card arrived on the Wednesday – quick work!!!  She cares tonnes for me, or so it seems, but I am not in love.  The feeling I have says I cannot cast her by the wayside, though.  I showed her some interest.  We have sex.  She cares.  Surely I now owe her something of myself.  But is it right to ‘abuse’ this?  All it does is add to my guilt at how Natalia must be feeling…


I just love it.  I’m crazy about the whole concept.  Excellence, matey!!!


‘Im Nin'Alu’ – Ofra Haza



I’m sad that she feels so cut off from me.


She’s extremely scared of losing me and I’m scared of losing her now that our love, our physical attraction, etc, has grown so much stronger.


I didn’t see what she’d written in my diary on Thursday nite, until I got home.  Oh, let us be together soon.  I love her.  I love that girl Natalia Wnek.  I am not in love with Belinda.  I am in love with you, Nat.  If you are in love with me, let us talk.  But where will it lead?  You are going out with Mark, don’t forget.  Are you in love with Mark?


It’s so damned difficult.  I want you so much – above all others – however I have acted in the past, whatever I have done.  In my heart, I have set you apart as the person I care for most.  My body has lusted after others, so wildly, but since March my heart has been yours, I think.  And I’m scared of you, but secure with you.  Will we ever be ‘together’?


I’d die to be close to you, so let us be.  Let us be close!  Oh gods, let us be ONE!  Do not leave me alone, Nat.  Let us be together!  What I wrote in your diary was TRUE, PURE, HONEST.  You will never lose me.  I only hope my words have not scared you away.




You have become a goddess to me – but I’m scared that you are now a goddess I cannot reach.  Dare I, even?



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Next time: ‘Dark Is Desire…’

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