The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 23 June 1988

Of Nat and Kat

‘Seven and Seven Is’ – Love




I awoke today at 9am and was greeted with a call from FAKENHAM 6TH FORM.  IT WAS KAT!


We spoke of our letters, and my chat with Lindsey.  I told her all about Emma on Saturday nite and C’est La Vie! (one local critic had said ‘a young man who knows how to hold his moments’ – about me!).  She wishes I’d gone to THE JACQUARD and that she’d gone to NICKI’s do.  She really missed me last week and was well pleased that on the KISS WEEKEND I hadn’t gone up NORTH.


She had to rush off then.  Pleased that DARK IS DESIRE are working on a song about her.


‘Four Sticks’ – Led Zeppelin


Then, Postie arrived with a big parcel for me.




She had returned my 1985 diaries + Situation tapes, with this letter:


My dearest Ritcherd,


I know it’s ages since I last phoned or communicated in any with you, but, what, with me exams, I haven’t had much time.  Needless to say, I have been thinking about you.


Would you like to come with me to LONDON on July 3rd?  It’s a SUNDAY, but I like going to CAMDEN MARKET on Sundays, and my Mum has organised a trip for her work and there’s one place left – so I’m inviting you.  It’ll cost about £3, but you’ll have to be quick as someone else is after it, too.  Let me know ultra quick, please.


I hope the play/production/thingy/whatever went really well and you weren’t too nervous and didn’t balls it up.




How are your spirits?  Mine have been bloody down just lately, but I think they’re looking up.


Well, have you heard from Kat?  If so, how are things?  Still madly + passionately in love/sex/infatuation?  If not, is there somebody new?  What bloody news of anything?


Am sending tapes and diaries back, ta very much.  Am desperate for more of either.  You can use this ‘envelope’ again.  Just re-stamp it + stick on my address.


See you soon,

My love




So I’m chuffed to be in touch again.  I’ve changed my plans for Saturday again, though…


‘I Saw Her Again Last Night’ – The Mamas & The Papas


KAT rang at dinnertime, and I told her of my reluctance to go to NORWICH this SATURDAY.  I told her my reasons: wanting more of her than is possible, also that my only reason for getting chatting to Willock in the first place was because I fancied her.  She says I have to go as she wants to see me and there are so many things she wants to tell me.


‘Like what?’ I asked.


She said she couldn’t tell me over the phone, except that they are good things and she wants to be face to face and see my reactions when we speak. 


We chatted for ages, and she told me that she ‘n’ Willock are arguing a lot because she often speaks of me and he gets jealous.  But then, she does have a right to speak about her friends, and she enjoys talking about me.  She also says she loves Willock so much, but whenever she’s with him she just wants to be with me.


‘When the Levee Breaks’ – Led Zeppelin


All our conversations, etc, must remain secret, she said.  Also, when Leighton tries to probe her feelings about me, she won’t tell him what they are, and she’s the same with Lindsey.  The first person she will reveal these feelings to is me, when, finally, we’re face to face again.  I asked her if it’s safe to tell/ask her about such things with Willock present.  She said ‘no’, but for her A-level mock she has been doing a monologue in a Yorkshire accent, so she has told Willock that I have offered to coach her for a while – alone – on Saturday afternoon.  She told me that this is, in fact, an excuse for she and I to be alone in Chapelfield Gardens where she can tell me these ‘loads of things’.





My No.1: ‘Moonchild (Longevity)’ – Fields Of The Nephilim



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Next time: ‘Going on about Kat…’

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