The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 7 June 1988

Missing Natalia



Oh, how I miss Natalia.  I hope she gets my letter today + rings me.


Natalia, oh goddess, know my love!  ĵŧ  I love thee, my Wnek.


i Love You Divinely, Nat!!!







The A-level was scary, but it felt good.  Relaxing.  Safe, somehow…


‘Circle In The Sand’ – Belinda Carlisle



Exam.  Danny Black.  Astra Trellis.  Luggage.  Suzi, from a safe distance.  Monty Python books in the Library.  History Of The Daleks.  Chip.  The Situation’s What The Dickens?!  Letter from Belinda.



‘I’m not a faggot – I’m a meatball in curry sauce!’

The Black Willy (from Doctor Who and the Willy Stonker, 1986)



It was sunny all day.  But tonite the rain from heaven fell, so I stood on the patio and savoured it. 


Tonite, I sat with Betty and she said, ‘Happy Families is on at nine o’clock.’

‘What’s that?’ I asked.

Incredulously, she reminded me that it was the brilliant 1985 TV series featuring The Comic Strip, et al, which I had absolutely loved.

Funny ‘n’ all, cos last time I saw Flash, we both said we’d like to see it again.  So I rang him to tell him it was on and to confirm that I will be seeing him this weekend.


Natalia, you didn’t ring and I so need you to.  I miss you so much.  I need to be constantly with you…





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Next time: ‘Early birthday cards…’

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