The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 18 June 1988




‘Over The Hills and Far Away’ – The Mission


Hayre’s up good ‘n’ proper.  FIRST TIME IN YONKS!




‘While I live, I hope…’


‘Preacher Man’ – Fields Of The Nephilim


Today was good. 

Legs – who I’m spending a lot of time with these days – and I reached NORWICH and immediately bumped around with Greasy Joe Hertford. 


I saw Belinda and she gave me hassle about the Neph tape she lent me.  I basically ignored her.  I wish she’d stayed with Stan, then they could’ve happily brayed each other into eternity.


Anyway, Legs and Joe and I bought some booze and ate.  We sat in a churchyard, until Joe decided he’d like to break into the building itself (which was all boarded up).  So he tried, but couldn’t, so we just sat on a nearby wall.  But we were being watched from a window by a middle-aged woman.  Soon, the police arrived, circled the Church and then asked us if we’d seen anyone trying to break in.  OF COURSE WE HADN’T!


‘Head All Fire’ – Red Lorry Yellow Lorry


Deciding to move on, we sat in PUNX GREEN and saw Sage, Tony and Nicki.  I then went to the Indoor Café for a cuppa with Nicki, who invited me to a party that night.  I said I’d be there.


After tea, I met up with Legs and we went back to Joe’s, where I read tonnes of his brilliant Miracleman comics by Alan Moore. 

It’s the best comic ever!


Back in town, I bought some TAI CHI slippers from HEAD IN THE CLOUDS, whilst Joe attempted to chat up a beautiful ‘goth’ in a wheelchair called Sally.


‘Star Trekkin’’ – The Firm


We then went down to THE RED LION (as all weirdies are now banned from the Fez!).  Here, we sat with Alex, Spliff, Ben Duffy and all the, erm, teeny goths, etc.  I chatted with Alice and then Leanne.  It seems a lot of people are eager to see DARK IS DESIRE.  Good. 


I saw Lindsey and spoke to her for a bit.  Her boyfriend Jim arrived and I talked to them both about Kat.  Apparently Kat likes me and won’t hear a bad word against me.  ‘S’nice.  To be honest, I am going off so many of the Norwich crowd.  I only really came in the hope of seeing Kat, or getting word back to her.  I don’t think there’s anything else there for me.


Anyway, we all tromped off to Nicki’s party, singing ‘Star Trekkin’’ on the way and jumping macker queues in Chip Shops (AND being served!).


‘Do You Wanna Dance’ – The Mamas & the Papas


At the party, I got well pissed. 


Oh, I saw Johnny Gunn for the first time in yonks – he’s v. tame now!


I chatted up Ophelia, who whipped my arse a lot (which I quite enjoyed), and I ‘got off’ with Emma – god knows why.  I suppose her bisexuality fascinated me, and I quite like the fact that she looks really ‘normal’ with her blonde bob and glasses.  That said, she’s very, very attractive.  Gorgeous eyes.  I didn’t want to get into anything too deep, though, not after all my recent escapades, so I just limited myself to kissing – and lots of it.  But once I started to sober up, I found myself trying to get away from her a lot.  I decided to go and sit with Lindsey and Jim.


I told Lindsey my feelings for the ace Miss Kat Hill.  Becky likes me a lot, apparently, and Lindsey has cottoned onto this mutual fan club and has decided to help me engineer something. 


‘Ambitious’ – Wire


That kiss with Kat last week was beautiful. 


Apparently, Lindsey once went out with Willock for a few days.  She hates him, saying he’s ‘pretentious’, ‘crap’ and ‘thick’.  He treats Kat like shit, always abusing her trust + spending her money, etc.  Kat needs real affection, says Lindsey, and she’s not getting it from Willock.  It always falls apart because of him, says Lindsey.  She’s certain they won’t last long this time around, either.  Lindsey would rather I was going out with Kat, and wishes me luck.  ‘She deserves somebody better than him,’ she said. 


Lindsey’s really nice.



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Next time: ‘Peace in the darkness…’

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