The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 4 June 1988


‘L.A. Woman’ – The Doors


Today was nice. 


I got into Norwich at 2pm-ish and immediately bumped into Jason Hertford, Crow, and Leighton’s best friend, Kat Hill, who is turning out to be quite a good mate.




I hung ‘round with them, but Jason Hertford eventually cleared off and we were joined by Leslie.  Kat and Lindsey were hunting down Suzi and Leighton who were in Norwich together, but no one knew where.  This was a crime in the eyes of Kat.  Kat loathes Suzi – as does Lindsey.  I think they wanted Suzi’s blood, to be honest.


Once Lindsey and Crow cleared off, I was left alone with Kat.  We decided to go to the Studio Café, and on the way, various people came up and gave me the message that Belinda was looking for me.  In the Studio Café, I had a cup of tea and Kat and I talked a lot.  She goes out with Willock, who is also a really good friend of Leighton.  But Kat and I are getting on really well, and I’m glad we’re becoming close friends.  Now that Suzi isn’t a bone of contention between us, I am growing immensely fond of her.


Later, Stan joined us, which she and I ultimately found nauseating.  Then, just as we entered into a binge of chips, mayonnaise and intellectual conversation, Smith came in and was very sociable with me.  He seemed pleased to see me and has invited me (and ‘the band’) to gig alongside his band.  I accepted.  We’ll do it soon, I hope.  I am desperate to do a gig.


Once Smith left, and we’d cleared up our chips, Kat and I went to the Fez, where we talked about her, me, Berwin Groomstool, my imminent birthday, music, and ‘the band’.  Crow sat with us and actually proved to be quite a decent chap.  He bought me a drink + listened to some demos of mine on the personal stereo.  Both he and Kat were very impressed!


Eventually, it was time to go, because Leighton arrived and drove Suzi, Naomi Bell, Sage and me to Belinda’s for ANOTHER party.


When I arrived, Belinda was quite ill with stomach pains, and fed up with me for not arriving earlier.  But the drink circulated and the music played and the party got going.


Who was there?  Off the top of my head… Me, Belinda, Suzi, Leighton, Naomi Bell, Sage, Smith, Alex, Nicki, Harry, Lee, Alice (the one who works in McDonalds), Jason Hertford, Julie, Toad + many more.


‘Suedehead’ – Morrissey


I spent most of the evening sitting with Belinda in her room – as did many, many others.  At one point, I was sitting next to Suzi + Leighton, and ‘Suedehead’ came on.  I looked at beautiful Suzi and wanted to cry my eyes out.  Belinda could see I’d been feeling upset and eventually asked me, ‘Do you want me to fuck off + stop hassling you?’

‘No,’ I said.  At which point Natalia’s face loomed forcefully in my brain.


Why is life so




Later, Leighton drove Jason Hertford, Alex, Emmy, Naomi Bell (in the ‘hatchback’!) + me to an Off Licence, which was funny, as every time we passed any Casuals, Jason would lean out of the window and shout, ‘KEVIN’S ARE WANKERS!’


Unfortunately, Leighton accidentally jumped a red light – whilst next to a police car!  We were lucky, but the copper made Jason go back to pick up a chip shop wrapper he’d flung from the car window.  Naomi Bell was panicking in the ‘hatchback’ because passengers shouldn’t be carried in there, but we were able to cover her with jackets so that the copper didn’t notice.  We were saved.


After a lot of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, and an impromptu ‘Oh please can I come in’ from Stan (which we allowed), Belinda + I said ‘Oh fuck it, let’s go to bed!’.  Harry did the same, so we left the ‘guests’ to their own devices.



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Next time: ‘Round robin…’

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