The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 15 June 1988

C'est La Vie! at The Fermoy Centre, King's Lynn



‘Danger Man’ – Brian Fahey


God!  I’m still up.  To me it’s still Tuesday, but I suppose it’s actually Wednesday now.  TOUGH!


C’EST LA VIE! at the Theatre tonite.


Guess what?




Karen and Tony: Karen works at Seymour’s Opticians with Annie + Gerry.  Thanks, folks!




‘Melancholy Rose’ – Marc Almond

‘Wishing Well’ – The Mission

‘California Dreamin’’ – The Mamas & The Papas

‘When The Wind Blows’ – David Bowie

‘Hymn (For America)’ – The Mission

‘Ahead’ – Wire

‘Uncle Arthur’ – David Bowie

‘I Saw Her Again Last Night’ – The Mamas & The Papas

‘Blade Runner End Title’ – New American Orchestra

‘Moonchild’ – Fields Of The Nephilim

‘Blade Runner Love Theme’ – New American Orchestra

‘Moonchild (Longevity)’ – Fields Of The Nephilim

‘Im Nin Alu’ – Offra Haza

‘Blade Runner Main Title’ – New American Orchestra

‘Blade Runner Blues’ – New American Orchestra

‘Farewell’ – New American Orchestra




‘Sing For Your Supper’ – The Mamas & the Papas


Today, I spent some time with Luggage and Mary, and talked to Lug about relationships.  Justine was mentioned, and I told him how nice I think she is.  Lug asked me if I still wished to go out with her.  I said ‘no’, but admitted that things might be better for us now than they had been before.

‘Why?’ asked Lug.

I told him that I feel she has a much freer nature these days.  I mentioned the fact that she never condoned the idea the idea that I might use dope (which I have only very, very rarely done; like two or three times), but now she does it.

‘You never slept with Justine?’ asked Lug.

‘Yes,’ I said, inadvertently letting that one out of the bag.  It was genuine accident and I felt stupid for blurting it to Lug, but there you go.

‘What,’ he asked, ‘at Stan’s 18th?’

‘Yeah,’ I said, shocked that he knew when it happened.  Assuming Justine had already told him, I entertained the rest of the conversation and spoke vaguely of the event.  It’s the past, I thought, and there was no need for it to be a secret now that Justine and Leighton are well and truly over.

Actually, I seem to recall Justine saying how hilarious it would be if I told Leighton all about it.  But I’d never do that.  I still consider him to be a mate on some level – especially as he’s Kat’s best mate – so I’d never do that.




‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ – Led Zeppelin
















The Guildhall of St. George


And just for context, here’s what else is on at the Fermoy (Patron Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother) this season: 


Charles Roberts’ Victorian Evening (16th April); Wind Soloists of the Chamber Orchestra Of Europe (17th April); The Broadland Singers Of east Anglia (28th April); An Evening Of Gilbert & Sullivan (7th May); Snap Theatre’s The Secret Garden (14th May); NORCAT Drama Department’s Pinter Double Bill: The Lover / The Dumb Waiter (18th May); Friends Of Norfolk Youth Music (21st May); Empty Space Theatre Company’s The Rainbow (23rd May); Empty Space Theatre Company’s The Aspern Papers (24th May); The King’s Lynn Players’ Wuthering Heights (26th – 28th May); The New Mexborough English Concertina Quartet (9th June); Matthews Norfolk Brass Band (11th June); Country & Western Evening (12th June); Aklowa African Dancers (17th June)


We were all there, all the gang, and, god, we were panicking during the 2.30pm rehearsal.  The thing felt so badly under-rehearsed.  But rehearse we did, and the camaraderie was the best we’ve had in two years, I think.


At the same time, the Performing Arts O-level group rehearsed their ‘war’ stuff and TS1 (the year below us) rehearsed their production of Ayckbourn’s Confusions.


‘The Battle Of Evermore’ – Led Zeppelin


I felt very mentally close to Carrie.  We’ve grown to be really great friends over the last few months, and I think she is a grossly underrated actor.  I reckon she’s skill.  Jenny took a photo of Carrie and me in the famous Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara movie poster pose.


I also found ‘the old magic’ when talking to Jenny Taylor [xxx – Ritcherd 1990].  Ooh, she was really nice to me.  We were constantly referring to our past, harping on about vegeburgers and mayonnaise in The Videodome, 1986, and making sexual hints at each other all day.  We even sang ‘Doctorin’ The Tardis’ quite a lot.  Carrie took photos of us, posing as Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson – SKILL!


I was extremely close with (my littleangelfaceploppychops) Jo Wedonska.  We found ourselves simulating sexual intercourse with each other (in various positions) throughout most of the night, and, along with everyone else as backing vocals, found ourselves singing ‘Summer Nights’ from Grease, as Sandy and Danny.  God knows why!


We were the first group up, and the performance of C’est La Vie! was SKILL!  FUCKING HESSMER!  BETTER THAN THE HEXAM!  IT FELT SO GOOD!  IT FELT WONDERFUL and the make-up + costumes were flaming hacker.




Thanx for the ‘break a neck’, Nat.


Thanx also to the others: Sasha, Sarah G and Gaby.


We all enjoyed it.  I wish I’d invited my parents now.  It was nowhere near as under-prepared or embarrassing as I expected it to be.  I GOT SUCH A BUZZ OUT OF IT!


Jenny’s boyfriend said he thought I was ‘really good’.  And Frank Kenwright – the Stage Manager – said, ‘It was brilliant.  The other groups can’t possibly follow that.’



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Next time: ‘Moonchild…’

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