The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 22 June 1988

A Fight with Justine Black



‘Alone Again Or’ – Love



I believe in Kat Hill.


I believe in Natalia Wnek.


I believe in Me.


CONFUSIONS WITHIN CONFUSIONS…  a step in the right direction, baby?





Kat, Ritch and Nat…


‘In the Heat of the Morning’ – David Bowie



TODAY AT ABOUT 8.30am, Justine had a real epileptic on me, saying that Mary and Luggage had expressed their concern that she was in drugs – in front of all her mates!  Mary and Co. also said they knew all about what had happened at Stan’s party.  TWATS!!!


This was clearly all my fault for talking to Lug (with Mary ear-wigging) last week about Justine being freer about drugs and stupidly letting our big secret out.


I apologised, but Justine really laid into me.  I’ve never seen or experienced anything quite like it: she was screaming her head off!  She was calling me a ‘bastard’ etc, and telling me how she wanted to kill me.  She then started trying to slap me hard around the face, but I deftly deflected her blows (and kicks!). 

As I pushed her attacking arms away, she yelled, ‘Touch me again and you’re dead.’

‘I’m not touching you,’ I said.  ‘I’m trying to stop you hitting and kicking me.  I’m trying to protect myself.  I’m trying to be reasonable.  Calm down.’

She was clearly getting more and more angry that I wouldn’t give her a sod in hell’s chance of hitting me.  I suppose I was also infuriatingly calm.


‘Feed Me’ – Wire


She wanted to kill me, apparently.  Does she know how silly she looked?


I tried to reason with her, but she wouldn’t listen to a bit of it – even though she knows full well that Mary and her friends like nothing better than to stir the shit!


Justine is a sad case.  Fair enough, my words to Lug were indiscreet and indelicate, especially with Mary close by.  What I said was unjustifiable and I should have known better.  I was being a bit naïve.  I said as much to Justine, and apologised with all my heart.  I never wanted to hurt or embarrass her – but then I’m not the one flowering up the stories + telling them in front of her mates.


Anyway, Justine started trying to hit me again, and I continued to deflect her wild blows.  But then, as I deflected a blow to the side of my head, I accidentally clipped her jaw with my two middle fingers.  I immediately apologised – it WAS an accident – but she went mental.  In a really crap Berwin Groomstool type way, she started screaming, ‘Aw!  Aw!  You’ve had it now!  Just you wait!’ etc, for ages, before storming off, defeated.


I thought, ‘FFUCK OFF.’


‘William, It Was Really Nothing’ – The Smiths


The saddest part is that I had nothing against Justine whatsoever and, until today, still held her in quite high regard.  I had come to appreciate her as a friend.  I thought we were at least ‘allies’ now, and I was incredibly ‘fond’ of her most of the time.  I truly loved her once, I think, and continued to do so, even when everything I went through because of her was telling me I shouldn’t.  And she was wonderful during my Suzi crisis.  But she’s proven herself to be nothing more than just a spoilt brat, far too easily affected by the opinions of shit-stirrers and liars.  She has proven herself to be unreasonable and irrational.  She has thus lowered herself to the pits of hell as far as I’m concerned.


To my mind, Justine Black died today.  She no longer exists. 


But I don’t doubt that I shall now be physically assaulted by her cronies for ‘hitting her’.  That’s what she did all afternoon: she told everyone I had ‘hit’ her.  I doubt she will rest until she has had her revenge.


But I find it impossible to hate her.


RIP Justine.


THE END (I hope!)


Do I mean that?


‘Doctorin’ The House’ – Coldcut


The BM Wasp bangle (that I have worn pretty much since she gave me it) has snapped!  YEEEUUURGH! 




Paper 3 


Today, my last A-level exam was skill!  I haven’t enjoyed exams this much, ever!  Not that I’ve even attempted to earn them…


DANNY BLACK (no relation) – who he? – has given me his address so we can stay in touch.  He lives on Fakenham Road in Docking.


‘California Dreamin’’ – The Mamas and the Papas


The Reign Of Terror, a Doctor Who novel by Ian Marter is beautiful.  Read it, kids!




The Reign Of Terror – Ian Marter (Hartnell)

The Day Of The Daleks – Terrance Dicks (Pertwee)

The Romans – Donald Cotton (Hartnell)

Inferno – Terrance Dicks (Pertwee)

The Daemons – Barry Letts (Pertwee)

The Highlanders – Gerry Davis (Troughton)

Logopolis – Christopher H Bidmead (Tom Baker)

Castrovalva – Christopher H Bidmead (Davison)

The Zarbi – Bill Strutton (Hartnell)

The Sontaran Experiment – Ian Marter (Tom Baker)

The Leisure Hive – David Fisher (Tom Baker)

Earthshock – Ian Marter (Davison)

The Visitation – Eric Saward (Davison)


Oh.  Sorry for yesterday’s harsh words at Flash.  More on this soon, but I do have deep emotions, you know!


[Love from Ritcherd ‘91] 


‘Misty Mountain Hop’ – Led Zeppelin





‘Cat’ – our latest tune, the lyrics to which will be about Kat Hill.

Music: Ashton/Berry/Winterfood


‘Shallow Tide’ – my oldie about narrow-minded pillocks.

Music: Ashton/Berry/Winterfood


‘Rose Ring’ – another oldie about the struggle that is life.

Music: Ashton/Berry/Winterfood


‘Ash’s Arse/Fungus On The Skirting Board’ – ‘working’ title for two tracks that we’ve amalgamated.  No lyrics as yet.

Music: Ashton/Berry/Winterfood


‘Override’ – the tune that was originally called ‘In Fear Of Death’, which nearly has lyrics about ‘love problems’.

Music: Ashton/Berry


‘Portable Tree’ – ‘working’ title for a new track.  No lyrics yet.

Music: Ashton/Berry/Winterfood


‘Ascension Day’ – no lyrics as yet.

Music: Ashton/Berry






Apparently, while I was in rehearsals at The Tower, Kat rang home.  Fortunately, she said she would ring again tomorrow + I’m really pleased.


On top of this, she has written me a letter, which reads as follows:


Dear Jez,


We went to THE JACQUARD last night.  Lindsey told me that she talked to you for ages at the party, and what you said about me. 


I was so worried after I phoned you on THURSDAY, because you sounded so distant and I thought, ‘OH GOD!  HE DOESN’T WANT TO KNOW ME ANY MORE’. 


I got back from Leighton’s this morning and tore open your letter.  I didn’t laugh when I read it.  I nearly cried.  No one, apart from Willock, has ever said those sort of things.  You won’t ever lose me, Jez, because there is something between us.  Nothing has changed!  Don’t be embarrassed to talk to me. 


We’re inseparable friends, Jez, but please don’t feel uncomfortable with Willock there.  He understands everything and I’m so grateful to him; not many people would.  I know it’s because he loves me more than anything.  I understand you, I can see inside your head.  Our friendship won’t ever be spoilt but please understand about Willock; it’s been nearly a year now, on and off, and I can’t bear to be without him.  We’re never apart for long!  Please don’t be hurt, because I don’t want to hurt you.  I’ve known you for such a short time, but feel so much for you already – please understand about Willock + I. 


THEY had a car crash on the way back from THE AMNESTY CONCERT but they are okay. 


I HAD such a boring weekend.  I stayed in my bedroom for the whole weekend, thinking about what Willock, you and everyone would be doing.  It sounds stupid, but I was soooo bored I cried and threw things about. 


I WAS worried that you wouldn’t write, but last nite Lindsey said you had and I was really pleased. 


WILLOCK brings you up in conversation quite a bit; he was really worried I’d chuck him, but I told him not to be so silly – we’ve got so much! 


I DON’T know why I said in my last letter that I’ve only got room for Willock in my heart.  Yes, he takes up a big chunk, but my close friends take up a lot, too.  PEOPLE like you, Leighton + Lindsey! 


Suzi has dyed her hair black now.  Leighton said it looks nice, but I’ve made up my mind that I won’t like it at all (sorry!  That was bitchy + I’m not a bitchy person unless I’m with Lindsey!).


Willock and I are going up on Saturday, yeah.  Are you?  I hope so!


Anyway, nothing has changed, Jez.  See you soon, I hope.


I’m sending you a big chunk of my heart,








I can’t wait to hear from her tomorrow.  What will she say?


I’m scared, you know, because I want more of her than I can have and it really hurts inside to know that. 


You know who I need right now…






I’ll ring Miss Wnek tomorrow and see if she’s around on Saturday.  If she is, I’ll ring Legs + cancel our NORWICH weekend.  Maybe.  I’m not sure yet…  It’d be pointless to see Kat.  Well, IT WOULDN’T, but…  I’d just want more of her than I’d get.









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Next time: ‘Of Nat and Kat…’

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