The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 7 May 1988

Norwich with Suzi

‘Fyt’ – This Mortal Coil


Take my hand and lead me to the garden of roses…


We – Natalia and me – were on the phone for ages YESTERDAY and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  All the emotions were utterly new to me.  It was ‘GOOD’.


I went to bed at approx. 1am this morning (my parents were away up North).  In bed, I fell asleep listening to the It’ll End In Tears LP by This Mortal Coil (especially ‘Song To The Siren’), on the tape, which Polly Willis lent me.  I awoke as the album finished, turned the tape over to Throwing Muses and slept again until about 3am.  I opened my curtains then to let in the light and listened to This Mortal Coil again.  When it finished, I turned the machine off and slept until about 5am.  Then I got up and bathed whilst listening to Throwing Muses.  I then got ready and hitched to Wisbech.


‘Hate My Way’ – Throwing Muses


In Wisbech, I caught the Norwich bus, reaching that place at about 11.30am.  At 12pm, Suzi and Elf arrived.  Suzi looked gorgeous, and so did Elf (moreover, Naomi was very cute, reminding me of the Dormouse in the Alice stories by Carroll).  Suzi was wearing mainly Elf’s clothes, esp. a skirt that was too small and had been safety-pinned to the thighs of her leggings and hidden by a long shirt.


We all dossed in and around Norwich and had a great day.  At one point, Jason ‘Greasy Joe’ Hertford came to talk to us, and I don’t mind saying that he’s developing into an utter bore.  It’s like he’s trying to prove he’s weird all the time.  YAWN.


After a while, we bought lots of Cider and sat in the blossomed streets.  I spoke to Elf when Suzi went off somewhere.  ‘Suzi is mad on you,’ she said.  ‘I’d ask her out if I were you…’  And there were lots of similar ‘hints’, etc.


‘Serpent’s Kiss’ – The Mission

(chuffing skill!)


So when Suzi returned, I sat next to her and we began to touch as we talked.  Soon we were embracing and cuddling each other.  As we chatted, it struck me who she looks like: Jill Bryson from STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE.  And that’s bloody ace!!!  Eventually, Suzi and I kissed.  A lot.  Beautiful kisses.  And when I looked into her Egyptian eyes, my soul was lost.  But I can’t shake the fact that she’s not as chuffed as I.


Later, we bumped into Suzi’s mate, Harry, who said something like, ‘Hi, Suzi!  I hear you’re staying at our place tonite?’

‘Eh?’ says Suzi.

‘Well,’ says Harry, ‘this morning we got a letter from some guy called Jez who says he’s staying with us tonite and he’s bringing a girl called Suzi.  Is that you?’

‘I’m Jez,’ says Winterfood.

‘You’re Stan’s mate, yeah?’ asks Harry.  ‘I’m Stan and Belinda’s lodger.  Well, okay, see you later tonite then, man!’



So Stan was aware that I’d be arriving.  Thankfully.


And so, Elf left at 8pm-ish.  Suzi and I headed for the Festival House to find Stan.


It was good.  I said ‘hi’ to Nicki and Sage.  Daffy’s mob came by.  They seemed puzzled that Suzi and I were together.  But none of them said anything to her.  No one called her ‘plastic’ or anything. 




‘Finland Red, Egypt White’ – The Sisterhood



Stan turned up, but he was trying to be terribly whacky + cool + I thought ‘oh god’ tonite will be crap.  Suzi and I arranged to meet him at 11pm, and went to McDonalds for a drink.  We then sat in the BUS STATION talking.


After lots of kissing in the bus station, Suzi and I sat outside TESCO’s, talking about ourselves and our former sex lives.  By now my relaxation was total, and I was quite happily delving into graphic secrets, as was she.


When we got back to the Fez, Stan ‘drove’ us ‘home’ in his Mini (hell on wheels – he still has no driving licence and we almost went over a bloody roundabout).  On the way, we stopped at a chippy and I bought him ‘lots of sausages and chips’.


NOW, STAN’S RENTING THE HOUSE from some people who are residing in Oz (so it’s basically his ‘n’ Belinda’s place).  And it’s really nice, only vaguely untidy.  Stan’s a better and nicer man for the whole arrangement, I think.  He and Belinda are perfect together.  It’s so amazing.  And she’s so nice.



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Next time: ‘Making love with Suzi…’

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