The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 8 May 1988

Making Love with Suzi



‘1959’ – The Sisters of Mercy


Which way does the wind blow in 1988?


Physically it was wonderful.  She and I slowly but surely reached a sexual height.  Only five days after we had first met. 


But where was this?


It was in Norwich, May 1988.  And that’s me.  And Suzi.  At our Stan’s.


So who was at the house?


Suzi and I were in the spare room. 

Stan and Belinda were in their room. 

Harry and Tamara were in Harry’s room.


‘Song To The Siren’ came on whilst I was kissing Suzi in Stan’s spare room.


Strange feelings.


Suzi and I sat kissing in ‘our’ room until, very slowly + very deliberately, we removed each individual item of clothing from the other’s body.  When she bit and nibbled my ears, I knew things would be great.  The kissing then developed and was joined by ‘caressing’ as we stroked and touched each other’s body.  Soon, this turned into foreplay, as I caressed her inner thighs and touched the soft, hairy wetness between her legs, and, ultimately, intercourse.  Once I had gone down on her, we made love and I thought it was beautiful. 


5 days after we’d met and we were making love.


Suzi has a lovely body; slim with nice, perfect breasts.  The lovemaking was gorgeous – pretty perfect, in fact – and we had sex three times, fact fans.  I feel really happy about it, too; none of the usual post-coital angst.


It was really quite earth-shattering – although perhaps not quite as earth-shattering as the conversation I had with Natalia on Friday nite.


Alas, today we all went home, but I hope to see Stan in about two weeks and Suzi and Leanne tomorrow.


But spiritually Natalia is still heavy on my mind.  I think we have fallen at least spiritually in love, like two totally compatible souls, entwined.


Oh, Beautiful Suzi and Beautiful Nat.  I love you both better now.


It has been good.  Great.  Heaven.


So why does NOW seem an opportune moment to die?





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