The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 25 April 1988

Polly Willis' Invitation



Oh no!  I’ve got my ‘snakeskins’ back from the tailors and, well, I’m panicking because I don’t think I can quite get my foot thru’ one of the foot holes.





‘Keep Your Eye On Me’ – Herb Alpert


The band got together tonite for two hours and we started work on ‘Shallow Tide’.  It lacks some sort of power, as yet, but at least it’s coming together.  And even though both Dan and Ash reckon I’m a brilliant lyricist, I’m pissed off about my voice.  It’s too croaky, and maybe I’m not as good as I should be at singing.  Y’see, the deep voice seems to weak, the mid-deep voice is tinny and the softer voice is almost inaudible.  I’m beginning to think I really do need an echo or a distort to hide behind.  It’ll cost me, that will…


Ooh.  Don’t worry, Winterfood.  It’ll be okay.


Otherwise, the band’s looking good.


‘How Come It Never Rains’ – Dogs D’Amour


Tech was just a pile of doss, but the Drama Group practical is developing.


My hayre was back-combed, huge, and swept back today.  It looked brilliant, and I wore my shades to complete the look.


Luggage is back.





That ‘House’ girl art student at tech appeals to me more with each day, and I think she possibly realises this.


I still feel a lot for Justine, even though we haven’t spoken.  She’s the girl I think I’d feel the most for if I went to Europe.  I’m dying to speak to her.


Then there’s Natalia Wnek.  She’s ideal.  I’d like to see more of her.


Polly Willis [See her in ‘90/’91 – Future Ritcherd] came up to me today.  First time we’ve spoken in ages.  She wants me to go and see Throwing Muses with her and Li’l’ Goth Jo Jordan at the UEA on Saturday.  I’d love to go – because Polly’s attractive (although way out of my league, I’m sure) and it’d be nice to see Jo after all this time – but I can’t afford it.  Crappy, eh?


BUT… as I was walking round Tech, alone, bored and thinking to myself, ‘ I wish there were some truly interesting and sexy goth/weirdo girls in Tech’, I rounded a corner and came face to face with a bunch of about four female ‘goths’ I had never seen before.  Three of them were the usual longhaired, black gear type, but the fourth had a huge, swept-back orange backcomb (shaved bald at the sides), nice eye make up and a lovely long grey shirt.  Obviously, she was the one that instantly appealed to me!


Being shy, I went on my way, but spent the rest of my free time looking all over the place for another glimpse of her.  I saw them all three more times, but only very briefly.  I held a door open for ‘orange’ at one point, and our eyes met very momentarily.  Later on I saw her on a wall outside Tech when I was on the way to the shop, so I smiled at her.  She has a beautiful face (a bit like Sinead O’Connor, maybe?) and I must say that her hair is the most beautiful hair I have ever come across.  Its fiery colour is gorgeous, and its vast size is excellent.  She is the very image of my ideal girl.  She is beautiful and I have to get to know her. 


I’ve never seen these girls before, so I assume they were looking round Tech with a view to enrolling next year. 




I hope they’re in tomorrow.


Oh, please be in tomorrow, Orange.  Please.


Oh, make Justine speak.


Oh, make Natalia ring.


Let Flash write to me.





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Next time: ‘The girl with the orange hayre…’

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