The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 15 April 1988

It appears, It Seems (Still)

Well, it seems that the time is 1.15am, and I’m using a horrible red pen.  Nice, I must say…


‘Last Train’ – Ghost Dance


It appears that I am completely shit and will be even more shit later today in Theatre Studies when I fuck my Revenger’s Tragedy notes up for the rest of the group.


It seems that Justine and I have seen an extremely little amount of each other over the past few days and she’s going to hate me, especially when I don’t give her a tape and when I don’t write to her.


It appears that Hammer House Of Horror was crap this morning, even though Paul Darrow was in it.


It seems that Natalia doesn’t want to get in touch with me after all.  Oh, please do.  Please!  I really need you.  I WANT you, if I get down to the truth.


It appears I can’t go on holiday to Europe.


‘Capsules’ – Cabaret Voltaire


It seems that Flash and I are going through another completely shit patch: for me personally, at least.  It’s as if we’re at the end of a tether, and in 6 months we’ll hate each other or not know each other at all, or something.  Right now, my emotions for Flash are huge.  I really want to be with him, so we can go around as mates.  I honestly wish I were at NEW College.  And although I might once have expected the opposite, I reckon if he and I were at the same college, I’d get a lot more work done than I have been doing.  I need to share the last moments of my Youth with him.  I don’t want to lose him.  Because I’ve realised, even if he hasn’t, that this friendship is one of the most valuable things either of us will ever possess – provided we use it properly.


It appears to be Geraldine – his mum – that puts me off.  She’s nice, yeah, but it’s obvious that she has some form of resentment towards me.  She has dropped, quite heavily, down my favour list.  And I’m sure she’ll rise again, just as soon as I discover why she’s being cold towards me!  Can I really be that much hassle when I stay at Flash’s?  I’m so well-behaved and polite.  So what is it that I do wrong?  Am I still a ‘big, bad influence’ (HAH!)?!  Why don’t you just come out with a plain reason and get it over with?  It’s not like she hasn’t been a total bitch to him – and she has.  I swore to Flash I’d never write about it, and I won’t, but I know for a fact she almost ruined his life completely last November, so why she should consider me a bad influence or an inconvenience, I have no idea.  I’m the boy’s best friend, damn it!


It seems, anyway, that seeing Flash is currently very difficult and it doesn’t do my feelings or my enthusiasm any good.  No one’s to blame.  It’s just a situation.


It appears I’m selfish, aren’t I?  Course not!


‘Venus’ – Bananarama


It seems my schedule looks like this:


FRIDAY 15TH:                 Go to Tech; return to Wisbech; go to Castleford; stay a night at Gran Winterfood’s.


SATURDAY 16TH:          Go to Leeds or something; perhaps buy something nice; perhaps see my Dad or some relations; hopefully see Flash (and the omnipresent Norman) in evening; no diary session, I suppose; no hace laughs, just difficulties and Gerry seething at me for being hassle or something shit – just when I need, most of all, to recreate those old times with Flash…


SUNDAY 17TH:                Fuck knows.


It appears Gerald Gordon has now married Julia.


It seems I’m fucking nazzed.  Goodbye!




‘On Every Other Street’ – Cabaret Voltaire


I got into Tech this morning, and Theatre Studies was quite HACE.  I really enjoyed it.  Especially when Tash beat the shit out of me with a plastic sword.


Later, Roger was alone as Suz was away, so he and I went into King’s Lynn and window-shopped to some extent.  That is, apart from me buying a can of Schweppes Caribbean Crush, an issue of Classic X-Men

…a Dogs D’Amour single that I’ve never even heard or know the remotest thing about (nice cover, see?)…

...and a gorgeous belt from OXFAM for 40p (a snip).


It was like old times for Roger (now a ‘futurist’) and I (now an ‘acid rocker’).  We got on very well.  We looked back on the old Walks Pissups (which we hope to soon repeat) and talked about life when we were in love with Naomi Bell and Gillian Munden.  The most beautiful and happy time that sprang to mind was that first hot Summer Holiday weekend in Norwich, in The Bell, watching ‘Prime Mover’ on the video jukebox.  Oh yeah, when that GEE-ZOR tried to have a fight with me…  Ace times.


All this nostalgia was nudged further to the fore when Claudia, Nyall’s long-ago ex-girlfriend passed us by and said ‘hi’ to Roger outside Sainsbury’s.  I actually didn’t recognise her till he told me who she was.  See, in the old days, she had multi-tone purple hair with lots of extensions and used to wear long black velvet dresses, etc.  Today she looked even better, in a byker’s jacket, blue jeans and a purple, tasselled shirt.  She looked very ‘acid rock’.  A nice lass.  Gorgeous looking.


I crimped my hair in Tech, whilst Roger read Flash’s old ’85/‘86 diary (which I’d borrowed a while back).


‘Marian (Version)’ – The Sisters Of Mercy

I love this song.  Old hat, I know.  But I LOVE IT!




At 6.30pm, I arrived at Gran Winterfood’s, ate and had a bath. 


Flash rang and he’s pleased I’m here, so I feel a lot better about things now.  I’ve been sort of half-invited to go to York with the German/English Excursion tomorrow.  If they’ll let me on the bus, that is.  If they don’t, we won’t gah.  And if they do, we go to York + Flash’ll try ‘n’ prompt Norman (his German) into going round wi’ his own mates, while Flayhesh goes ‘round with me.








AciD RocK



Flash’s a bonk.


Europe’s back on!  And he ‘n’ Manda are coming to stay at my place soon.


‘EUUGH!’ he cried in ecstasy.


Oh, Justine ‘n’ Leighton are having ‘time off’ for a while.


I still ain’t spoken to her…


I have a photo of Cher in a huge feathery headdress. 

Yes, I fancy Cher.



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Next time: ‘More Apes…’

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